Wishlist for 2020’s next-gen Apple TV

Rumors of next-gen Apple TV hardware have been picking up steam in recent months and many observers expect to see a new Apple TV streaming device (or devices) this year.

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote
Apple’s current Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote (which hopefully will be replaced sooner than later)

So, what should the next-gen Apple TV offer?

Eli Blumenthal for CNET:

Here are a few things I would like to see in the 2020 update as well as some hopeful, if not terribly optimistic, wishes.

• Faster processor:: A near given in any refresh of Apple’s hardware, the latest rumors have Apple bumping the current box’s A10X chip up to a more capable A12X.

• Better remote: The touchpad drives me nuts. I often find the remote lagging or overshooting where I want it to go regardless of whether I’m entering text, scrolling through apps or playing a game.

• UWB support for finding lost remotes: Apple added what it calls a “U1” chip into the iPhone 11 line last year… Apple describes the tech on its iPhone 11 page as “GPS at the scale of your living room” so why not add the functionality into the Apple TV and new remote to help you find the inevitable lost remote?

• A cheaper Apple TV streaming stick: A less expensive, perhaps slimmed-down version of the Apple TV would give Apple a new way to get people into its ecosystem, providing another avenue for not just streaming Apple TV Plus shows… but also a way into Arcade, Apple Music and iTunes.

MacDailyNews Take: The first three seem like givens. The forth, a cheaper Apple TV streaming stick, is more of a wish (especially Eli’s $50 price tag), but it certainly would expand “Apple TV” use and the reach of Apple Services. Our’ fifth wish is for Apple to drain the “Apple TV” naming swamp they’ve created.

One major product naming goal is to concisely and instantly convey to potential customers what a product is and does. We find that goal particularly humorous when trying to explain Apple TV, Apple TV+, and the Apple TV app to normal people who don’t have time for obtaining doctoral degrees.

The process involved in product naming can take months or years to complete. Some key steps include specifying the branding objectives, developing the product name itself, evaluating names through target market testing and focus groups, choosing a final product name, and marketing it with clarity. Obviously, with “Apple TV,” Apple hasn’t bothered with any of this.

Every day, we thank Jobs that there is no line of Apple TV TVs. — MacDailyNews, May 18, 2020


  1. Only problem I’ve had with the remote is using the jump forward function from the lower right of the trackpad. What a mess. Jobs would not have approved, it simply doesn’t “just work.” The price is way too high too. Nearly $200 for a 4K streaming device is absurd. Get it down to $100 max, or at least as an option.

  2. The remote is an epic fail and needs to be replaced by something more ergonomically practical.
    The functionality of AppleTV is just okay; it is often glitchy and requires multiple closing and opening sequences to get some apps (news apps in particular) to begin playing properly. Also, stopping something that is playing and rewinding it to a specific point to view again is clumsy and imprecise and getting it to play sometimes must be stopped and repeated. We have 230 mbps wifi with a strong signal using Apple Time Capsule so it is the AppleTV OS that is the problem.

  3. I forgot to mention that the “slippery as a goldfish” remote is too small for normal hands and falls from my hands way too often. And the trackpad is too small and overshoots every time. And, yes I’ve adjusted the sensitivity/speed of the trackpad in Settings.

  4. Fix the AppleTV app so it is consistent and syncs fully between ATV, Macs and other iOS devices. Fix the issues with subscriptions (again across all devices).
    Fix the overall app features so it is easy to navigate. Up next is great but need access to other episodes especially when the app goes out of sync.
    Really hard to know what is available for free. Even when I have a cable subscription the ATV+ app does not recognize it.
    Update the remote so that it is more usable. The trackpad does too many things and it is hard to get consistent behavior from it.

    From a competitive standpoint, an ATV stick may improve unit sales. Would not affect me since I have an ATV on every TV in the house. However could be good for traveling (when it will be available).

  5. They’ll never “fix” that remote. None of these complaints are new. I still can’t believe all they did the last time was put a raise white circle on the damn thing. Clearly Apple thinks its great. Love EVERYTHING else about my AppleTV, but that remote sucks!

  6. You all still using the physical remote? Apple TV + bluetooth sound bar give you complete video and audio control right through your Remote app on your phone. I’ve even considered pairing my HomePod for hands free voice control + speaker. Haven’t used my remote in years.

  7. After continuously dropping the ball since the beginning on casual gaming (which I was excited for and seemed like a no brainer for Apple to pull off), what’s the point? I have at least 3 Apple TV’s, 2 in active use, and they’re both adequate, barely. A pretty shitty low bar for Apple. The movie suggestions and top movie selections are crap. And on top of that zero personalization. Somehow, the best thing about Apple TV are the screensavers, which says a lot. Ever try to pair a Bluetooth speaker? ..a disaster (although better in the recent months). They seem to have abandoned the idea of informing you of there are free shows, on Netflix for example, when you search for them. And we still can’t store rented or bought movies on the hard drive to avoid streaming lags ffs. How does Apple services continuously suck.. over and over.. How the fuck is Eddie Cue still at Apple??

  8. The remote is 5 fucking buttons. Who gives a shit about the design. Learn it. It works fine. Can we get the actual Apple TV services to be decent???

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