What happens when you visit a newly reopened Apple store

Apple has reopened 21 of its 22 Apple stores Thursday in Australia after they were shut for nearly two months in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. (One store in Sydney remains closed for renovations.) As more stores begin to open their doors around the world, openings such as Australia’s give a glimpse into what it might look like for US Apple stores to open their doors.

reopened Apple store. Image: Apple logoJessica Snouwaert for Business Insider:

Customers entering the Apple store must wear face masks while shopping. Customers must have their temperature checked before entering the store.

Customers must answer questions before entering the store including whether they have a fever, cough, or respiratory issues.

Customers apply hand sanitizer before browsing products and testing out electronics on display. Once inside the store, customers try to maintain social distancing while shopping.

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