Intel unveils Comet Lake processors suitable for Apple’s next 16-inch MacBook Pro

Intel today announced the launch of its latest 10th-gen. Core processors for high-end notebooks, potentially including the next 16-inch MacBook Pro. The 45W chips, which are part of the Comet Lake family, are built on Intel’s 14nm++ architecture.

Intel Comet LakeJoe Rossignol for MacRumors:

The new H-series chips have the same base clock speeds as the 9th-generation chips in the current 16-inch MacBook Pro, but Turbo Boost speeds now exceed 5GHz for the first time. For example, the new highest-end Core i9 chip still clocks in at 2.4GHz, but its maximum Turbo Boost frequency has increased from 5.0GHz to 5.3GHz.

MacDailyNews Take: Big whoop. Intel is as stagnant as a sloth in a sauna.

The new 10th-generation processors also support Wi-Fi 6, aka 802.11ax. The newer standard delivers faster speeds, greater network capacity, improved power efficiency, lower latency, and connectivity improvements in areas with several Wi-Fi devices. Wi-Fi 6 devices must support WPA3, a Wi-Fi security protocol with improved cryptographic strength.

MacDailyNews Take: Intel is shooting blanks. Bring on the ARM-based Macs!


  1. This is ridiculous. 14+++++ nm process? There isn’t enough performance improvement here from Intel to care about in the last 2 years (I own a MacBook Pro 16 inch and love it). The only thing that will help performance now is a true 10nm process change.

  2. Intel has held back the whole word by having a monopoly for so long and not bothering to move the tech forward. Only since AMD’s resurgence have they even decided to try and improve yet they continue to have nothing to offer. Their processor monopoly that needs to go..Hurry Up Apple and produce something to cut this sloth out of our life so we can all move the world forward once more with faster processors and faster productivity for all…

  3. So the new high end intel processor will still use a 2.4 GHz clock speed? And we are supposed to get excited about a bump in the turbo boost clock speed? Sorry, not very thrilling.

    AMD might be a viable alternative at this point. But I believe that Apple’s homegrown ARM-based A-series SoCs are the future of the Mac as well as iOS. One processor designed and controlled by Apple for all Apple products!

  4. Well, we bash Intel and rightfully so. Intel blew it when they decided to throw not only the kitchen sink into the 10 nm chip designs but also the whole damn kitchen. It turned out to be a disaster, and Intel has not recovered from that even today.

    But don’t expect these new chips in MacBook Pros until Novemver or December or maybe even Juanuary or February of next year if Apple sticks with their pattern. For the last few years Apple has routinely been 3 to 15 months or more behind the date where Intel says their chips are shipping in quantity. Hell, the most recent “update” to the mini uses chips that are two generations behind the current state of chips shipping from Intel.

    1. “Shipping in quantity” doesn’t necessarily imply quantities large enough for Apple to have adequate supplies for a launch date without ridiculous backlogs. Because Apple only makes a few models, each model requires a lot more chips than the much smaller model runs of its competitors.

  5. I know talk about the upcoming Arm based Macs is all the rage but I’d be just as interested to see some AMD processor based Macs – AMD is making some serious headway lately & with Apple already using their graphics processors, running some of the newer AMD CPUs could result in a huge leap in performance.

    Then again, I’ve been hoping Apple would buy AMD outright and add their tech to Apple’s already impressive in house chip capabilities.

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