Facebook deal puts the kibosh on Apple’s attempt to buy Plessey Semiconductor

It looks like a newly-announced Facebook deal has put an end to Apple’s attempt to acquire Plessey Semiconductor.

Plessey's Data-Vµ microLED Display Technology in action in a skier's goggles
Plessey Semiconductor’s Data-Vµ microLED Display Technology in action in a skier’s goggles

Jonny Evans for Apple Must:

Facebook appears to have gotten hold of a technology Apple really wanted to acquire as it works to develop AR glasses, according to The Information and confirmed in a press release…

Apple had been attempting to acquire Plessey Semiconductor, a UK company that makes microLEDs, as used in AR displays… Rather than join Apple, the smaller company has instead reached a deal with Facebook under which it will license its tech to the larger firm and dedicate its factory to supplying Facebook for the coming years.

The report observes that this deal will likely attract less regulatory scrutiny than might have emerged in the event a takeover attempt had been made.

MacDailyNews Take: Check out more information in Evans’ full article and also check out these videos from Plessey Semi:


  1. Wow Plessey now there’s a name from the past, didn’t realise any independent portion of that historic company was still in existence so good to see that not only to be the case but obviously still at the forefront of leading technology. Even more so that u like the rest of the business and so many of its compatriots it has resisted at least for now selling out to a far larger foreign company and disappearing into history.

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