Apple to boost Safari security for sites using HTTPS

HTTPS certificates, based on the latest TLS encryption standards, ensure that your connection to a particular website is safe and secure. At the 49th CA/Browser Forum, Apple last week announced they’ll stop allowing HTTPS certificates on Safari with more than 13 months of validity later this year.

Apple Safari HTTPS. image: Apple's Safari icon
Apple’s Safari icon
Ivan Mehta for TNW:

Any certificate issued after September 1, with more than 398 days of validity, will be rejected by Apple‘s browser. That means, when you visit a site with such a certificate, you’ll see a privacy warning…

As The Register noted, sites like GitHub and Microsoft have certificates with two-year validity. Under Apple’s new rule, these sites will be rejected if these companies will get another two-year certificate after August.

Earlier, certificate authorities used to issue certificates with more than five years of validity. In 2017, the maximum cap of validity was reduced to 825 days.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Safari using fresh Apple HTTPS certificates means that the websites you visit using Apple’s Safari will have the latest encryption and security standards helping keep your data private.


  1. Working to protect my privacy is not excessive. A free market should allow companies to develop their commitments to things such as privacy. A free market should enable customers to choose levels of privacy.

    For those less concerned about privacy, please feel free to use Google’s browser and products. I’m thankful Apple is working for privacy. I wish they did more.

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