President Trump praises trillion dollar tech companies, calling them MAGA

President Trump today heaped praise on the four big tech companies with trillion dollar plus market caps, the trillion dollar MAGA club. In case you’ve been under a rock for several years, MAGA is short for “Make America Great Again,” a 2016 election year slogan of the Trump campaign. The 2020 version is “Keep America Great.”

President Trump calls big tech companies MAGA: President Trump tours Apple Mac Pro facility with CEO Tim Cook in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, November 21, 2019
President Trump tours Apple Mac Pro facility with CEO Tim Cook in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, November 21, 2019
Patti Domm for CNBC:

President Donald Trump gave a shout out to a group of four big tech giants that have market caps larger than $1 trillion, calling them MAGA.

Trump said four tech giants Microsoft, Apple, Google, and are part of a trillion dollar club — MAGA.

According to a press pool report, Trump said: “For 144 days we set a record stock market. It means 401ks, it means jobs. Four trillion dollar companies: Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft. You have MAGA. The trillion dollar club.”

The name MAGA has also been used on Wall Street for the group of stocks that have led the market higher. They collectively have added $520 billion in market cap this year alone.

MacDailyNews Note: Current market caps of the trillion dollar club:

• Microsoft: $1.403T
• Apple: $1.398T
• Amazon: $1.071T
• Google: $1.038T

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      1. No worries, mate.

        Downvotes on MDN are equivalent to 95% daily NEGATIVE media coverage of President Trump. Just makes both of us STRONGER.

        Yes, they will be crying on Election Day… 🤠

          1. Eff off CitizenXcum. You are a RINO – there’s no way that a libtard like you would ever be on the right side of history. Just a little league driver who managed a shop that had a few famous people accidentally walk through the doors. WooT. Meh

      1. A 78-year-old socialist with a heart condition and a 38-year-old small town mayor. That’s what the Democrat Party comes up with.

        And, that’s over a fake Indian congenital liar, a bunch of confused no-names, and a billionaire former RINO trying to steal the nomination.


        What’s Bernie’s slogan?

        “All-time low unemployment. We gotta change that! Hey, where’s my heart pills?”

        T R U M P   L A N D S L I D E   2 0 2 0

    1. Like many people today, GoeB, you are a political hobbyist. You watch Fox and don’t actually get involved on the ground politics. It’s the attitude and behavior of a dilletante. If you doubt this (which you will, here comes your angry little diatribe ha ha ha).. listen to this. Here on Trump Daily News the air is thick with Schadenfreude, and, redolent of the bullshit of the half informed. For the record.. I actually listen to Hannity, Limbaugh, and others on Fox, listen to Maddow, and others on MSNBC drawing my own conclusions about what is real and what is just noise, and have been involved in local, and regional politics for years. I’ve worked directly on campaigns, attended hundreds of meetings, had countless conversations of consequence with lawmakers. REAL politics is not for the fake participants. Trump is a moron. And a dangerous moron at that.

      1. Sigh…Please see my grandiose leader PM Trudeau for REAL and CRIMINALLY PROVEN corruption, obstruction, incompetence and failure. Dangerous moron? This is what that actually looks like.

      2. Aaaaaaahhhhh, my poor, little pitiable PR—if you consider GoeB’s gentle comment to be an “angry diatribe” then you are indeed an easily triggered lost soul. The last few sentences of your lengthy and pompous response to his short comment explains your symptoms. You suffer from fake liberalism, and as the normal people know: “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” Best of luck to you for a recovery to common sense.

        1. endless drumph fellation posts from goeb , interspersed with his occasional lies and hatred posted about the other team, is all the proof anyone needs to see what goeb is. nuff.

          1. The person that hates GoeB is a slimy demon-crat liaarr and shonk. Go to AndroidDailyNews and WindowsDailyNews so you can be with the slime that are your brethren and sistren.

            1. I suspect the instant screen name for ONE TIME use is the potty mouth CitizenX under DISGUISE to spew his well known HATE.

              If he was honest, OTFL, using his regular screen name he probably would be banned AGAIN for harassment and foul mouth stalking.

              That said, thank you and several OTHERS for the considerate and intelligent comments and lastly, the GeoB props…👊🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

    2. This was NEVER in question. While you and others were wringing your hands like little liberals, trying to twist your brains to come to not-guilty, I said he’s guilty AND he’ll be saved by the Senate. Nothing really surprising here.

      Perhaps next time you’ll believe in the power of the Senate… that hand wringing is murder on your knuckles LOL

    1. Do you know who your President is going to be until 1/20/2025? And by a landslide…Donald John Trump.

      We’ll be nominating the 46th President of the USA in 2024: Donald Trump Jr.

      Get used to it commies.

      1. You are assuming that they don’t change their names to King Donald I and II. Realistically, what powers did George III have that Donald I isn’t claiming? Historically, Parliament exercised considerably more control over King George in the 1770s than the Senate is exercising over King Donald in 2020.

        1. More of the sensational, specious and speculative from you. Here you verbosely give history instruction to the serfs…like you so oft feel the need to do and the point you’re supporting is conjecture with a kernel of truth, that exists in your own mind.

          Or, maybe you speak with such urgency because you’ve got another insider scoop and you announce for the people’s warning? Didn’t you same on the same day you wouldn’t bet that it would really happen, but here you “amusingly” roll our the good-for-gossip-magazine thought for a redux…heeding to the other half of your brain?

          What drives you to repeatedly propose speculation as near fact? Yes, I know, Don does some dumb shite, but….

          1. It is not just “dumb shite.” It is terrifyingly unAmerican shite. You may think “It can’t happen here.”

            So did I until I watched a bunch of white nationalists conduct a torchlight parade through an integrated neighborhood chanting “Jews shall not replace us,” while an elected official insisted that some of them were good people. It was before that same elected official violated Federal law to withhold vital aid to a US ally for his personal benefit. It was before he started directly interfering with criminal prosecution decisions to further his own political interests.

            I simply cannot understand how any American patriot can fail to see the danger to our Republic.

            1. Using your rationale, anything can happen and there’s no reason to include percent of likelihood when pondering such matters. Yes, it could happen here, but to think it’s seriously close to happening is reality’s edge. Be always vigilant doesn’t mean barring the doors, “as-if” it’s inevitable, or very likely to happen…like construing ‘Don’s dumb shite” as a sign to what you’re proposing.

              It was just yesterday you affirmed that the fall elections would proceed as one would hope and expect…with law/order, but you now circle back to support the hyperbolic speculation? Which TXuser is real? Dual voices are challenging, especially when looking for truth, rationality and sincerity.

              To use the the white supremacist torchlight parade as an associative rationale for the position…can you say, s t r e t c h ? Where’s the real, concrete, demonstrable connection to that scenario and your case? I guess Don is organizing it from afar, and it’s the start of his revolution for dictatorship of his coronation as King and Melanie’s Queenship? Lynchings in front of the WA Monument are to start mid-Nov, when he’s reelected?

              Do you think all R’s in legislative position are sleeping at the wheel and none of those office holders smell what you smell, but they’ve decided they think a Lord King might actually be ok? If so, again, the insider in you speaks and presides over those actually “inside.” I guess I’m simply naive and a pollyanna.

              (Of course the D’s think the king-ship is coming…no need to use as position support. We are so divided, there’s no reason to expect nothing but such a thought from the opposition).

              If there’s nothing but ABSOLUTE mindless marching from the R’s, we’re cooked–stick a fork in it….I personally don’t think that’s the case, I do see a danger to our republic, but my view isn’t as singularly focus, or myopic. Btw, if you, or anyone else sees ABSOLUTE mindless marching from the R’s, but not the same from the D’s, shouldn’t that be a warning flag, or sorts? To not hold the same concern for the opposition’s antics is simply mind-boggling.

              There’s a lot brewing behind the scenes and both parties have dirty hands. As I’ve learned with this presidency, short-term flurries are never to be confirmed as the truth…the reality of a situation is most often too shrouded to make an immediate conclusion/assumption. I’m also not an insider, so my judgements and speculations follow suit.

            2. Ronner, I don’t see a contradiction. I said I would bet on a lawfully-elected President being inaugurated on January 20. My point was that until a couple of years ago I would not have considered the alternative as remotely possible. The chance is far less than 50%, but it should be 0%. I no longer find it unimaginable.

              I told you why. The torchlight parade wasn’t a metaphor. I watched it and the President’s response on live television—no liberal media involved. Similarly, I watched the President call for Russia and China to intervene on his behalf in American domestic politics. It did not look like a joke to me.

              I read the Ukraine call transcript HE released in which he implicitly threatened to withhold aid to a US ally in need if they did not do something to benefit him personally. I watched the obviously reluctant witnesses he tried to silence as they put the clearly inappropriate act in context. It was not just implicit extortion against American interests; everyone involved saw it as perfectly explicit that the President was using his official authority to obtain a personal benefit.

              Again, it isn’t some sort of media fantasy that the President is dictating charging and sentencing decisions to the Department of Justice to further his personal political interests. Four former career prosecutors are witness to that. For at least a century, that has been considered as unethical at best and illegal at worst. I cannot imagine a more direct threat to our constitutional order than arresting and freeing people based on whether the Chief Executive likes or dislikes them.

              He does not see it that way because he literally believes that the King can do no wrong because Article II lets him do whatever he likes. The Attorney General has been aiding and abetting him in that belief.

              The Democrats are not blameless. I have never said they are. However, they are not in a position to abuse their official position to obtain a personal benefit, which is the essence of corruption. That seems to be happening with increased frequency. If you cannot see that, it is willful blindness.

            3. “It is terrifyingly unAmerican shite.”

              MAGA is “shite?” The hardest working president in history with the GREATEST ECONOMY in history is certainly NOT “shite” USER. You clearly represent your own remarks by POSING as something politically you are not.

              “elected official violated Federal law”

              I guess in your mind and the media LOST minds Democrats NEVER BREAK federal law, only Republicans, right? Fast and Furious contempt of Congress is also something you have NO problem with, correct?

              Guess you forgot when President Obama was asked by the media about an illegal e-mail server in Hillary house that violated “federal law” and the president’s response, “she made a mistake.”

              No media outrage! No Schumer outrage! No Pelosi outrage! No Democrat Party outrage! NO CALLS FOR IMPEACHMENT!!!

              Democrats, the liberal party of HYPOCRISY and DOUBLE STANDARDS.

              Please keep it up!

              Trump in a LANDSLIDE…🇺🇸💪🏻

  1. So all it takes are blustery campaign slogans to excite you guys? How about honoring the campaign pledges he made to you? Most have not been kept:

    Or how about stuff I care about? How about that budget deficit? How about wage increases, factory openings, and a resurgence of manufacturing, the magical 6% GDP growth? The great orange liar has objectively underperformed on too many issues to count, while constantly feeding verifiable lies every day.

    Whatever this corrupt administration is supposedly accomplishing in your eyes, magically turning the darkness turn bright and wonderful — you’ve been played. Domestically, little to nothing has improved, and internationally, this administration is a bully who undermines the USA’s role in the world. It’s totally out of tune with what is needed now. At a time of full employment, he digs a record deficit hole and browbeats the Fed to juice rates more. His most recent budget proposal, at a time when the world is now facing a potential major disease outbreak, proposes to slash CDC funding 19%. I’m the first person to encourage lower spending, but there is a time and a place people. WTF? This clown hasn’t the common sense of a goose.

    But he talks tough and he entertains you, so obviously he can do no wrong in your eyes. I would gladly vote for a competent Republican as I have in the past; why can’t you nominate one?

  2. Lots of liberals awake tonight. Must be hard for them to sleep these days, peering deeply into the abyss of hypocrisy, corruption and incompetence they’ve voted for across the country. I guess when all a party has to offer is an abundance of absurdity, all you can really do is join in.

    1. What an idiot. So there is nobody living to the west of your ‘patch of delusion’ – where corruption, hypocrisy and incompetence is owned by one party? In fact idiot hardly suffices if you are unwilling or unable to look in the mirror.
      But then, I live in a country where we are apparently suffering an epidemic of stabbings (your words) but are up before sunrise whilst you lazily snooze away, so I probably don’t exist in your backyard world.

      1. Why not answer his proposal, vs throwing flack and another’s phrase you despise as an “answer”, whatever? Grade school revisited.

        Do you have complete disregard for the views/ideas/experiences of person interviewed in the vid, as it relates to a broader cultural truth(s)? Stepping out of the US is valuable, but maybe more so is experiencing and truly another’s thoughts in-spite of one’s paradigm is rigorously opposed.

        1. Ronner: butt out. Thelonius as usual is pushing his condescending narrative, claiming i’m on a different world when it is abundantly clear that this narrow minded prick hasn’t seen most of his own country, let alone the world at large. along with the me-first greedheads who troll this site incessantly, Thelonius thinks self-enrichment is the one and only reason for living. he intentionally ignores global problems that can only be solved by common coordination and funding.

          if Thelonius knows so much, he should tell us all what firsthand knowledge he has.

          1. I have first hand and first finger knowledge of the shape of my ggonads, kind of an oval-type shape. A bit like the shape of my head. I get around, you see. Oval round.

      2. “lemme guess…. you haven’t stepped foot out of the US in years.”

        Have you?

        Regardless, you have no meaningful comment except leftist angst, uncertainty and personal attacks. I feel your pain.

        Nuff said…

    1. Liberalism, meaning contemporary liberalism, or leftism, is utter insanity. It is a goulash of fruitcake gender politics, race politics, radical feminism, socialism, communism, radical environmentalism, black shirt fascism, and sheer ignorance.

      It is a culture where you are not judged upon your character or merit, but how many intersectional victim points you hit. Intersectional bs alone should tell you to run for the hills.

      All of the liberal candidates have offered:

      Greater wealth confiscation
      Greater wealth redistribution
      banning things
      breaking up successful companies
      confiscating and seizing property by force
      greater regulation
      forcing the public to absorb college debt
      free stuff
      screwing over the constitution
      bigger government
      fewer jobs
      skyrocketing debt
      cultural absurdity
      identity politics
      intersectional nonsense
      no borders
      corrupted elections

      And Nancy Pelosi like a cherry on top.

      No wonder the party has collapsed into chaos. It’s all they have to offer. And this is NOT GOOD because a RATIONAL LEFT WING is badly needed.

      1. Dumbest, most untruthful comment I have ever read. To be fair it’s a copy/paste from Fox News and Trump’s Twitter feed. You didn’t make this up yourself so you’re not 100% to blame.

        1. “To be fair it’s a copy/paste from Fox News and Trump’s Twitter feed.”

          To be “fair?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

          So you are saying the President is working with Fox News to copy and post the same information?

          Please provide links to Fox News and president twitter links to prove your accusation. I’ll save you the trouble, you are LYING through opinion and it does not EXIST.

          @TruthHurts, I could not agree more… 👎🏻

    1. Ahh, auramac takes another break from supporting his Facebook page, “Don is Dumb” and offers up another very astute cultural suggestion that borders on saying “jail everyone I don’t agree with.” It’s clearly a little more tame than his discrete calls for uprising in some previous postings.

      Besides feeling the effects of the Syndrome, thankfully he’s able to still commit to offering up tidbits on this forum going forward. Bravo…back to the basement he goes.

    2. I am not an “enabler” because President Trump has done an outstanding job on so many levels not seen in 50 years. I am a SUPPORTER and serially you are not, fine.

      Take off the avatar thin frame rose colored glasses and get a GRIP on REALITY for a change.

      No TRUE liberal should HATE like you do time and time again.


  3. Like most of the economic success we are experiencing, (longest bull market in history started in March 2009) the success of MAGA companies are something Trump had virtually nothing to do with.

    1. He had as much to do with it as the previous prez… maybe a bit more b/c of deregulation and tax breaks.

      The most significant reason for the continuum of growth is the involvement of the Fed…which was the most important factor, enabling emergence from the Great Recession. It was and remains the factor enabling the growth and, seemingly happy stock market days, that in turn fosters broad growth in the economy. AAPL’s vigorous rise, w/o equivalent earnings growth, can be largely attributed to a Sept ‘19 Fed infusion of $$.

      Also, I always thought, whatever happens during a prez’s term, both good and bad, “sticks” with that executive?

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