Apple’s Siri can now answer U.S. election questions

Apple’s built-in voice assistant Siri is now able to answer U.S. election questions, as well as deliver live results as votes are counted, which may be of interest to the Iowa Democratic Party. 😉 The live results are being delivered via the Associated Press which will provide county-by-county results and a national map that tracks candidate wins by each state primary, among other things.

Siri can now answer U.S. election questions
Apple News offers comprehensive 2020 U.S. presidential election coverage
Apple News 2020 election coverage promises to be the most comprehensive resource available, with reporting and analysis from ABC News, CBS News, CNN, FiveThirtyEight, Fox News, NBC News, ProPublica, Reuters, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TIME, USA Today and others.

Apple News 2020 election coverage includes a series of curated guides, special features and resources. Apple says that readers from all political viewpoints get one convenient place to access reliable election information throughout the year, stay informed about the issues and follow major election moments — including the debates, Super Tuesday, Democratic and Republican conventions, election night and the 2021 presidential inauguration — in real time.

Sarah Perez for TechCrunch:

The new feature, announced today, is part of Apple News’ 2020 election coverage, which also includes a series of curated news, resources and data from a variety of sources, with the goal of serving users on both sides of the political spectrum.

With the added Siri integration, you’ll be able to ask the assistant both informational queries, plus those requiring real-time information.

For example, you may ask Siri something like “When are the California primaries?,” which is a more straightforward question, or “Who’s winning the New Hampshire primaries?,” which requires updated information.

MacDailyNews Take: The feature appears to still be rolling out, so if Siri’s not answering your U.S. election questions yet, she should be able to do so soon!


    1. “Hey, Siri, who called a 21-year-old student a ‘lying dog faced pony soldier?'”

      This Democrat Party is really gooood for laughs. I haven’t laughed this much since election night 2016!

          1. He probably doesn’t realize that antifa is the left-wing equivalent to hitler’s brown-shirts and probably believes that white male supremacy (AKA the KKK is) a republican creation. (For those that don’t know… the KKK was the product of the democrats. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

        1. right wingers always claim that hooligans are leftists. or socialists, or commies, or whatever inaccurate labels their talking head faux media feeds them.

          punks, hooligans, anarchists, etc have no party you right wing dimwits. they are disenfranchised domestic terrorists who think the law doesn’t apply to them. they don’t vote. just like don the con.

    1. What makes you think there is going to be an election? It seems to be the position of the Department of Justice and the United States Senate that the President can do whatever he wants and can neither be prosecuted nor investigated for anything he may choose to do. The Attorney General last month issued guidelines that prohibit any federal investigation of any presidential campaign offenses without the personal approval of the AG.

      The Department takes the position that any effort by Congress to exercise oversight over a federal program invades presidential prorogatives, so Executive Branch employees are bound to disobey subpoenas. If they do not, they can be fired without any due process. Similarly, the AG and DOJ argue that the President is free to amend the budget adopted by Congress at any time by simply uttering the magic words “national emergency.”

      Today, the AG overruled the line prosecutors in the Roger Stone case and the Acting US Attorney for DC (who was just recently transferred from a position as a Barr aide) by reversing their public sentencing recommendation after the President complained. They have more quietly done the same for Flynn. One feature of the revised Stone sentencing memo asserts that he did not seriously threaten someone that a jury convicted him of threatening and that the judge should ignore Stone having posted a picture of the judge superimposed on rifle crosshairs.

      With all that going on, it really isn’t a huge stretch to imagine Mr. Barr declaring the election process hopelessly compromised by Ukrainian dirty tricks and postponing it indefinitely. A year ago, I would have called that a completely crazy conspiracy theory. I’m not so sure any more.

      1. Per your election proposition : irrational.

        Are you campaigning for votes, looking for clicks, or just simply getting a certain crowd all riled and frothing?

        What a tendency you have.

        I’d love to place a real-life wager and receive my earnings the 2nd week in Nov.

      2. Hey TXer, can you name ONE thing Democrats have done the past three years in their attempts to railroad President Trump that was based on actual FACTS?

        And after implying they were ALL based on “facts”, will you further explain why the media/news moved on to the next story and then the next but never goes back to the last “facts” brought to the American people by the Democrats?

        You can wax eloquent or your legs, neither will convince me. It’s all a ruse, wrapped in deceit and surrounded by an illusion (but with a chewy nougat middle to keep you Leftist biting…).

        The surprise next Fall will be just how tired Americans have grown of all the bullshit the left has thrown at our intelligence. And then maybe, JUST MAYBE the Democrat Party will figure it out and go back to trying to govern.

        1. TowerTone, I could name hundreds of things. I won’t bother because you prefer your alternative facts to reality.

          I wouldn’t take a bet. I’m reasonably certain that we will have an election in November and an inauguration in January. My point was that it is increasingly possible to imagine the alternative. The refusal of the Trump Administration to take real threats to America (Russia) seriously while promoting completely fictional threats (CrowdStrike) is deeply troubling, as is the increasing use of the Justice and State Departments for blatantly political purposes.

          I’m not sure that anybody who has never been an Anglo-American prosecutor can appreciate just how deep a violation of legal norms it is to let political considerations dictate prosecutorial decisions. There is no more direct violation of the principle “A government of laws, not of men.” There has traditionally been an impervious wall between the political side of Main Justice and the operational autonomy of line prosecutors in the US Attorneys’ offices. Breaking down that wall is the shortest route to giving the Federal Government absolute power over all of us, not just the despised Dems.

          I know nobody believes me, but I am not a Democrat. I am a lover of the United States Constitution who is nauseated by how the party where I spent most of my adult life has turned its back on every principle that we once held. Frankly, I am terrified by where this seems to be headed.

          1. @TxUser
            My grandfather, one of the “doughboys”, who married his English nurse, lost over 40 of his friends to the influenza pandemic in 1918/19 is likely turning in his grave. He asked all his children to choose and to apply for a dual nationality to further understand our differences. I chose US dual citizenship in his honour. Not lightly done either. It involved many hours of study. I attended classes at the US embassy on the constitution, citizenship, legal system, history, geography and politics…oh…and taxes. To this day I still knee jerk for the Star Spangled Banner. The tradition continues with great grandchildren though his “one nation, born of shared beliefs” is getting a bit thin.

            I feel well informed but continue to be utterly perplexed and horrified how nightmarish poisoned partisan villainy, has taken control. Where even the most obvious travesty is declared fake news. You posit a serious possible scenario and the vice-like grip of denial responds in kind. When did civil differences become subject to allegations of mental disorder and hateful rhetoric along party lines? How come the ‘conservative’ moniker and political philosophy is now owned by the radical right who seem- contrary to the word’s meaning, to want to change everything?
            It’s certainly far from the country I took out dual citizenship with, in honour of my grandfather, and since my large family is spread far and wide with politics spanning the spectrum of possibilities and that we endlessly debate the issue – I’m not alone in asking those same questions.

  1. Fox News changed its charter officially from news to entertainment so including it in the category of Apple News (i.e. serious, reliable news) is tantamount to including Comedy Central for news. And for you Rightwingers who might want to throw CNN’s reportage into my face, yes, it does all it can to demean the best candidate’s platform out there, Bernie’s, as well as to deemphasize his leads by putting a positive spin on the also rans.

    1. Dingler emerges after recent lengthly MDN discussions about his candidate”s questionable positions, but curiously Dingler offered no retort, support or clarifications to challenges during those discussions.

      Should I guess Dingler knows little about said candidate, or sees a dearth of actual supporting data, voices opinion on said candidate only when it’s a superficial conversation–like a bumper sticker, or lawn sign? Or, he was out canvassing for said candidate, who btw, used to hate millionaires as well as billionaires, but has reentered the forum and is now ready to set straight the record.

      Back in his 1st run, Bernie decried the “infusion of millionaires and billionaires,” but one will notice that “millionaires” has curiously been dropped from phrasing when he expresses his hate for the wealthy. It’s very clear he still hates billionaires, but I guess now that he’s crossed into the millionaire zone, they’re not so bad after all?

      Help me understand, John…please. Because the “financial chasm” dominates his platform, shall we assume that 2.5+ million is an “everyman/woman” bank account balance? Hmmm, that seems awfully large to me.

  2. That couldn’t possibly go wrong. Millennials! Grr. If you ever had to actually use your own brains you would probably mistake them for your private parts. This country is in trouble.

  3. That is how we roll, SIRI! VOTE G. JUAN JOHNSON COUNCIL DISTRICT 10 LOS ANGELES. We cannot truly address housing, jobs, transportation, and homelessness unless we address the economic and class disparity in Los Angeles. ELECTION 2020 LA COUNTY- Why are there no visible lists of write-in candidates at many of the Vote Centers? Why does the ballot at the Vote Centers appear to differ from the Vote by Mail Ballots? is this voter fraud and interference with the election process?
    This list should be visibly placed in the Vote Center so that any member of the public may have the opportunity to see it.

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