Taika Waititi blasts Apple’s butterfly keyboard after winning first Oscar

After winning his first Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi had other things on his mind as he met with reporters. One of which was blasting Apple’s butterfly keyboard.

Taika Waititi blasts Apple’s butterfly keyboard
Taika Waititi blasts Apple’s butterfly keyboard

Sam Byford for The Verge:

“Apple needs to fix those keyboards,” he said. “They are impossible to write on — they’ve gotten worse. It makes me want to go back to PCs. Because PC keyboards, the bounce-back for your fingers is way better. Hands up who still uses a PC? You know what I’m talking about. It’s a way better keyboard. Those Apple keyboards are horrendous.”

MacDailyNews Take: Great. The hits just keep on coming for something nobody asked for that existed only to shave off half a millimeter about which nobody not named Jony gave a rat’s ass. Well, if anything deserves blasting from a writer, Apple’s butterfly keyboard certainly fits the bill.

Waititi needs to get himself a 16-inch MacBook Pro with Apple’s scissor-mechanism Magic Keyboard. He can afford it. If he does, he’ll change his tune immediately after typing his first sentence.


    1. Yeah that’s right. Eventually you’ll get to love the downtime from all the incessant Windows OS updates and errant issues. WTF?! expression will become your favorite way of dealing with Microsoft hand-crafted bloat code.

        1. Triple dog rubbish. Typical comment from someone who’s seemingly never used Windows. I have pal. Oh I have indeed. Focus on reality, not being a sycophantic crap apologist for Microsoft.

    2. Yeah, because the M$ ‘ecosystem’ doesn’t lock you into anything, all my Linux apps run just dandy on Windows 10. Plus, you get the added bonus of security updates that brick your OS install! Fun times!

      1. No it doesn’t actually lock you into anything…well done, you don’t get any prizes. Just shows how much you understand Windows by firing off comments like some half-wit…zilch.

      2. Well done…you are correct in saying it doesn’t lock you into anything….word of the day is: irony! Another Apple fanboy bonehead who fires off comments because they can’t think of a reasoned argument. Either that or mummy isn’t there to help you.

  1. And for us other, not millionaire long-term Apple users? I had a long, successful history of using MBP’s before I bought my 2016 MBP. I resorted to using a Logitech K811 keyboard, which I pack with my luggage when I go on business trips. Ridiculous! You can imagine the klugy set-up I have in a hotel room or at a Starbucks.

    Various Apple Store techs and sales people have said to just ‘retire’ my ’16 MBP and get the new one you suggest. They are utterly insensitive to non-Oscar winning small business users such as I, you might agree?

    I shall not give Apple another MBP order, if simply for the principle of their selling me such a problematic ’16 MBP. It otherwise works well…except for the keyboard. I have often issued feedback to Apple on-line, maybe 6 or 7 times to date. Responses from them: ZERO.

  2. I’ve skipped the butterfly keyboard era, but my partner has one and the way he pounds the keys is frightening. He isn’t even aware of it, but people with those MacBooks type so loud!

  3. I have both a 2014 and a 2017. I hardly notice any difference between them. No issues with either one; keyboards included. I use them every day. 2013 still on original battery and, while battery life is less than when new, it is still quite satisfactory. I’m an Apple user since 1982.

  4. I’m using a 2015 MacBook Pro and it’s a pre-keyboard issues MacBook Pro so I have no butterfly keyboard issues. I didn’t watch the Oscars but it seems like an odd time for someone to have a rant about an Apple keyboard. I know in the past how people have used the Oscars for social and political rants, but a keyboard rant seems a bit wasteful. It sounds as though he was threatening Apple by saying he’s going to use PCs in the future. That’s his choice. He could use voice dictation for his scripts if he wanted to. I understand his frustration because I really enjoy using a good keyboard, but it just doesn’t seem as though the Oscars is the place to complain.

    Apple is already selling newer MacBook Pros that have solved that keyboard problem. The past can’t be changed, so what’s the point.

  5. My first MacBook Air produced two spaces each time I hit the space bar – so I returned it within 30 days.

    My second MacBook Air produced multiple letters when I pressed them once – so I returned that within six months.

    My third MacBook Air, after a further six months, again started producing multiple letters – so I returned that – a little over a year from when I purchased the first one.

    After the third return, the shop refunded me in full. I am now back to using my old non-retina MacBook Air, from 2013.

  6. My top of the line 2014 MBP will be good for years to come. I’m more into desktops these days despite Tim Cooks feeling everything can done done on iPads. So “not”.

    Desktops will be here for some time to come. Thank heaven.

    1. When it was time to retire my old 2008 iMac, I replaced it with a refurbed 2014 15 inch MBPro with an i7. 16gb, and I have since replaced the original ssd with a 1gb stick.

  7. I think that if I was a professional writer, I wouldn’t be using any portable keyboard. If he’s typing away while sitting in his lawn chair by the pool, it’s no wonder he’s complaining about sore backs and shoulders. Sit at a properly setup desk with the keyboard at the right height and those problems go away. If you don’t like the portable keyboard, plug in any good external keyboard you like. Problem solved — no matter what brand of portable you use.

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