Apple employees donate more to Bernie Sanders in U.S. presidential race

According to a new GovPredict analysis of Federal Election Commission data, Apple employees donate more to Bernie Sanders than any other presidential candidate, with a total of $53,626 going to Bernie Sanders in the fourth quarter of 2019. Andrew Yang was second among Apple employees with $37,516. The list:

  1. Bernie Sanders: $53,626
  2. Andrew Yang: 37,516
  3. Elizabeth Warren: $30,925
  4. Pete Buttigieg: $20,956
  5. Joe Biden: $4,051
  6. Donald Trump: $2,177

Apple employees donate more to Bernie Sanders. Image: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont)
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont)
Theodore Schleifer and Rani Molla for Vox’s Recode:

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter employees funneled almost $270,000 into the Sanders campaign during the last three months of 2019, according to new fundraising disclosures filed this weekend. Almost half of that money came from employees of Google, according to an analysis for Recode by GovPredict. All told, the new data shows how the rank and file at Big Tech companies are rallying behind some of the candidates who are the least friendly to Big Tech and to the current system of capitalism more broadly.

Also performing surprisingly well with Big Tech employees in the final months of 2019 was Andrew Yang, the nonprofit entrepreneur, who wasn’t far behind Sanders with a haul of $230,000. Yang is not a top-tier candidate and hasn’t raised overall as much as his rivals. But Yang has a legion of fans at many tech companies, likely because he has positioned himself as a friend to the tech industry, often peppering his speeches with references to “my friends in Silicon Valley” when he explains topics like automation.

But the candidate performing the best with these higher-dollar, executive-level donors in the tech industry is Pete Buttigieg, who has ridden a wave of enthusiasm from Silicon Valley for almost his entire campaign. Buttigieg raised about $120,000 from Big Tech employees, although he has the widest support among Silicon Valley’s wealthy outside these companies. (As with Warren, a dozen Big Tech employees maxed out to Buttigieg’s campaign in the final quarter.) His big-money fundraising events that he has hosted near-monthly are packed with Silicon Valley executives and billionaire celebrities.

MacDailyNews Take: So far, Apple employees seem to be feelin’ the Bern.


      1. you’re waaaay to kind. goeb is a political troll, nothing more. if one really sought the truth, one would seek objective data to prove it. greedhead righties’ only truth is how to screw their neighbors out of another dollar.

    1. I don’t have an “O ring” but certainly a T gasket.

      No surprise a liberal company in California backs a socialist candidate as the state is purposefully and steadily moving in that direction. I RESPECT their decision.

      If I were not voting for Trump, on the D side, I would support Bernie because his populist opinions are genuine and honest. How realistic the goals may or may not be, is a debate for another day.

      PR, did you get off the floor, yet?… 🤣

      1. Bernie’s plans are completely realistic. It’s simple math. In America you pay far more per capita for healthcare than in “socialist” countries like Canada. Socialism isn’t a bad thing, it’s a smart thing. If you seek truth you have no choice but to look at the data and admit that truth. I don’t know why people can’t understand Bernie’s plan for healthcare. Yes your taxes will go up with universal healthcare, but then your health insurance costs disappear. There are different numbers from various sources but they’re not wildly different. If you are spending $5,000 as a family on healthcare annually and that goes away and is replaced by a $3,000 tax increase you SAVE $2,000 per year. Keeping your healthcare the same as it is now is going to cost far more over the next decade than if you switch to universal healthcare as a country and join the rest of the modern civilized world.

        1. No, there’s no SImple Math per this topic and, I see that you might have budget issues as you confirm/affirm Bernie with as if the healthcare matter sums up his oblivion re: money.

          Berns wants to take 1/6+ of the GDP for healthcare, PLUS free college, plus cancel all college and medical debt, offer free universal prekindergarten and child care, provide universal long-term care, expand social security, ensure that everyone is guaranteed a stable job, and….

          The plan would add almost $19 trillion to the already unsustainable national debt.

          He bases all of his numbers being able to sustain the spending on economic growth reaching 5.3 percent. That’s more than 100% of current levels.

          Besides economics, Bernie has a palpable hatred for those that are rich…or at least richer than him, as a multimillionaire. Creating a deep animus for those that have proven to be quite successful is plainly pathological, or at least a form of bigotry. If such a person built wealth within the framework of our laws, why is his hostility toward the rich embraced?

          It was just a few short 4 years ago that Bernie decried the “proliferation of millionaires and billionaires,” while contrasting the numbers of people struggling with basics. What happened Bernie with the “M-word” now you’re sitting warm and tight with north of 3 million? I guess millionaires aren’t so bad when you’ve got your toes soaking in the warm green stuff?

          When your campaign, life’s efforts and overall paradigm is focused on destroying the bothersome financial chasm and one curiously becomes mum per the “M-word” because you don’t want to incur the “wrath,” that’s complete dereliction and hypocrisy per one’s goal. With that said, should one be surprised? I don’t think so, as it’s the common end of the socialism that Bernie espouses. Such a system never gets rid of the classes that he so desires, it just arranges it so those organizing, reign from the higher point, as if they’re due the higher post.

          He’s no Nordic socialist…but that’s another topic.

    1. It’s funny that these employees are among the biggest beneficiaries of “the current system of capitalism,” yet they want to become Venezuela. I blame the liberal-ruined public education system.

        1. which book, dd? Sanders wrote several:

          none of them are anticapitalist at all. in fact, most of his ideas are about improving democracy and how it serves the multitude inside of the few richest.

          when discussing economics, Bernie proposes a few ways to save capitalism from its own excesses. most of them involve redirecting unused capital from the 1% towards education and grassroots opportunity programs. sounds much more aligned with the mainstream than the bankers’ proposals that they should have complete control over everything.

          the capitalism you think you love is veering toward oligarchy. are you going to lift a finger to stop the corruption? or do you insist that single party rule controlled by unelected corporate overlords is a good long term strategy for your USA to compete with China?

          1. rightie dickheads trash talk Bernie for being a successful author of several books. they think they’re more successful being anonymous coward internet trolls.

            they heap scorn on anyone who proposes that people should look out for each other instead of worshipping profits above all else. they go to church every sunday to visit their favorite community organizer, jesus. then on monday they jump back on the internet to tell everyone that their greedhead lifestyle is the only one. any penny spent to better others’ conditions is hoooooooooorible socialism. now pave my streets and police my gated community !!!!

      1. I just want Bernie to get down and dirty with elemental math. It just doesn’t add up.

        With that said, our recent presidents, both R & D, haven’t done well with math either. I love when our Executives roll out a new budget with increases in spending, couched in cuts that are only cuts in the growth. At the same time, they announce with great pride, a 10 yr plan that will cut the deficit by X amount. Urgency…where?

        Such a budget was rolled out by our prez…nothing but the same digging of the hole with a dire end.

      2. You and your ilk trot out the Venezuela meme regularly, without bothering to admit that Venezuela is currently being run by a dictator. The slippery slope argument doesn’t fly.

        If you would like to be intellectually honest (for once), how about posting a list of the top countries showing their degrees of socialist tendencies, current balances, and objective measures of health, happiness, education, longevity, and so on. The USA has been slipping in most of those rankings. Might I recommend this as the list of “most socialist” economic societies on the planet:

        New Zealand

        I suppose you would have to consult with your GOP handlers to respond, but if you think these are “sh!thole nations”, then you owe it to yourself to get a life and travel outside your fragile ideological cocoon. Most nations get what they pay for.

        Furthermore, there isn’t a purely capitalist nation anywhere on the planet. You always ignore that fact that the USA is economically “socialist” in moderate degree by choice as well, with George Washington’s community-supported Continental Army, and Ben Franklin’s Libraries and Fire Departments, Eisenhower’s taxpayer-funded interstate highway system, Tricky Dick Nixon’s EPA, Dubya Bush’s massive Medicare expansion, and so on. Of course you love to drink the recent corporate koolaid that lies to you into believing that corporate bureaucracy + hefty profit margin + insane executive compensation is somehow “always” cheaper than nonprofit organizations overseen (not owned) by a democratically elected government responsible to the citizenry, or cooperatives.

        At some point you will have to admit that both corrupt parties have a spending problem because they are owned by multinational corporations, as opposed to doing what is right for the people. Corporations have long ago determined that every dollar that a citizen doesn’t spend on his living essentials can, with adequate marketing, be sucked out of consumers in exchange for disposable baubles and entertainment. The USA, despite its vocal TEA party faction, seems ignorant that its actual TOTAL cost of living isn’t all that great, and consumer debt shows it. Apparently the average consumer doesn’t make such great decisions, while essentials show underinvestment. In the great USA, infrastructure is crumbling. Teachers have to hold bake sales to raise money to buy classroom materials for their pupils. Residents of the USA spend twice per capita than any other nation on healthcare but have objectively no better health. An economic model that rewards isolationism doesn’t appear to be the answer. Maybe better health and better education are good investments to MAGA? Maybe those decisions are better made by someone other than for-profit multinationals?

        We’ll wait for you to show your objective data showing where the world’s lowest tax states are somehow better. Obviously that will prove that you will want to move to Mexico, Chile, or South Korea because their tax burden is relatively low and (in your imagination at least), they can’t possibly have any socialistic tendencies.

        1. China is in that list…why?

          I’ll guess the Uyghurs may say their beloved China is a shittole country? But if they did, they wouldn’t likely be around to say much more…b/c they’d be given a nice vacation someplace far away.

          1. True that Ronner. When Dick Nixon opened China for trade to the west, he hoped to avoid the massive mistake the US made post WW2. The US did a superb job lending assistance to rebuild Japan and Western Europe and of course all the Mideast oil wells, but the US did relatively little to assist their WW2 allies in China. That allowed the USSR to influence China, leading Mao to adopt a communist economy with heavy doses of authoritarian tendencies politically. The US spent 25 years fighting and losing proxy wars to halt communist expansion.

            Then, ta da, like a switch Nixon and his corporate backers decided that profits are much more important than democracy or US workers. Labor costs in red China were too cheap to resist, who cared about the total lack of IP protection? What could possibly go wrong?

            All through the years, as the Party in China continued to steal factories from the west, Rethugs and Dema alike broadcast all kinds of smokescreens. The lies never stopped, first with subtlety but now overt. US workers were called fat and lazy, especially if unionized. Deficit spending inadequate to maintain infrastructure became the norm, after all, why maintain US prewar buildings when the Fortune 500 execs were all in for Chinese building? These business tycoons went on the talk circuit endlessly declaring how wonderful China was for new business opportunity. But they never came clean about the fact China was giving them free land for factories, zero taxes in the short term, and pre-packaged business support deals that in retrospect were not so much translation services but corporate espionage. No western nation could ever retain a diverse economy including manufacturing and services in balance they said. “Those jobs aren’t coming back” Apple executives said. Marketing geniuses lauded Asian cars that ripped off US and German tech. Manufacturing could only be done in nondemocratic nations with poor labor and environmental law, etc became the conventional wisdom. These gullible corporate leaders all claimed China was becoming more democratic, more capitalistic. BS. They knew that is a lie. China has one political party with zero term limits. Religious minorities are openly persecuted. China retains central planning, central banking, and so forth with zero accountability to the citizens. Chinese citizens had no freedom to speak truth in Tiananmen Square, and they are being locked into their homes now by an inept health agency that, like SARS, starts every health incident with an attempted coverup.

            Apple, too is an economic traitor. With all the money in the world, Apple still decided that 99% of its products need to be made in China. Not diversified around the world near customers that buy them. Not rewarding democratic nations with an interest in sustainability and health & prosperity for its people, for the long run. Odd isn’t it, how SJW Cook can’t pay a €15/hr manufacturing wage and still make ends meet. Profits over democracies.

            1. There is some truth in what you say

              but often people overlook other facts:

              Like one, maybe USA is falling behind in manufacturing because of a Broke Education System?

              Year after Year USA schools has dismal worldwide Science and Maths rankings.
              2015 USA is 24 in Science and a ridiculous 38th in Math (i.e there are third world countries that score higher)

              Why don’t USA politicians scream they want to fix Education ?

              Meanwhile China has 600,000 students studying in USA colleges etc and 100,000 in the UK and millions more elsewhere.

              There are 2 MILLION UNFILLED manufacturing jobs in USA where they can’t find workers. Americans don’t like certain kinds of jobs even though they pay:

              Early last year Walmart offered 90K for truck drivers because they can’t find people to do it.

              CNN via DailyMail:
              “Walmart sets out to hire 900 new truck drivers and raises annual salaries to $90,000 as it bids to keep pace with Amazon”

              Go check it out if you don’t believe me.

        2. China is most definitely a totalitarian shithole country, they’re cremating thousands of of their own citizens while lying that only 800 have died, the rest on that list rely on the US for defense and spend on social programs instead of arming themselves, US citizens are paying to defend them.

          Bernie Sanders is communist SOB, his field organizers want gulags for conservatives and to murder their liberal opponents. Obviously every country has some degree of socialism, the problem is when a psychopath like Sanders supports providing healthcare to EVERYONE on the planet at US taxpayer expense.

          Politics aside, essay-length “comments” are ALWAYS innapropriate, start your own blog you loudmouth, attention-seeking blowhard.

        3. China – Dictatorship mired in secrecy currently killing people due to crazy mismanagement of Coronavirus. Economic boom Brought on by dipping toe into capitalism.


          Norway – Got lucky with oil money paying for everything.

          Please see:


          New Zealand – Economy barely as large as Los Angeles

          Ireland – Businesses suffer while similar kook leftist ruin everything for everyone.

          Belgium – No idea. Near as I can tell it’s a welfare state much like the US.

      3. -The economy is important.
        -Our borders are important.
        -Fair taxation is important.
        -Social Security is important
        -Healthcare is important.
        -Law enforcement is important.

        This is where we agree. Now add them all up and Democracy is more important than all those combined, and screw whoever would give that up for any or all of those!

        1. “Nice” list…very heartwarming. It’s kind of like saying;

          “have a good day. “

          Now introductions have been made, shall we sit down and talk where reality starts?

      4. Bernie rails against the elite. “The top takes everything from the bottom! Stop them !”

        Yet he is multi- millionaire.
        At $2.5 million estimate net worth he’s in the top 5%

        He’s net worth is 200 plus times the average American !

        His salary as a senator is $174,000 a year .

        (Don’t get angry at me People I’m just using the SAME type funky statistics that Bernie and Elizabeth Warren uses )

        Opps. Sorry my error Bernie mostly complains about BILLIONAIRES.
        MILLIONaires are OK. There’s the arbitrary Bernie rule. Once you cross the evil 1B you are
        Bad, under that you’re OK.
        If you’re the top 5% your’re OK, just don’t get to the top 1% then according to Bernie you are evil.

        If you collect government pensions you’re golden , if you collect dividends from your private life savings investments in corporations like Apple you are evil…


        (No I don’t hate all democrats. But fake Bernie and Warren, “lets destroy all tech companies” really gets me. Even some centre democrats call their economic policies ‘fantasy’ )

        1. Oh yeah that 174,000 salary doesn’t include the expense package which typically averages to 3.3 million a year to cover travel etc.

          He’s also going to get a pension of at least 70,000 plus a year.

          (He’s promised to raise taxes on dividends, increase corporate taxes, ban buybacks etc i.e cripple stock growth which would destroy PRIVATE retirement schemes but promised to protect and boost government pension plans like his own… )

          The great common man hero. /s

      1. Per the text books, they’re different, but today, the blending is more challenging to separate. Per James Carville’s interview (describes self in interview as a liberal), though he thinks Bernie’s policies are not fitting for the D Party, when asked if he’d vote for him if the candidate, he said, “yes.” It’s not necessarily “equating,” but there’s an affinity/likeness.

      2. Do you realize it’s possible to be socially moderate, fiscally conservative, and legally liberal all at the same time? No party represents science and pragmatic problem solving. Both are corrupt and self serving.

        Of course, you’d have to have an independent brain to be able to make principled stands that are out of step with the political parties. Try it sometime dd.

  1. One doesn’t have to be a Republican to blow an o-ring. James Carville and Chris Matthews—both liberal Democrats—have expressed unusual dismay for their party because of leaning towards socialism and Bernie’s ideas. Matthews seams a little confused about the political classification(s) per socialism.

    “ And let me be absolutely clear: democratic socialism to me requires achieving political and economic freedom in every community,” Sanders said last year, according to Vox.”

    Sounds like a (couched) dissolution of classes to me, which Karl would laud.

      1. Admittedly, both sound great, but the requirements to make them happen is another story. For all to have economic freedom, would require none possessing anything but which the govt distributed…land and other assets. Is that really freedom? I would imagine for those that came up with an innovative product that might reward them with appropriate award, only to have it taken away for distribution for “economic freedom’s” sake, wouldn’t see it consistent with freedom. One would be hardly inclined to seek such innovation and resultant gain, only to have it be taken away again.

        Per political freedom under that environment, I can only imagine what it would mean and my imaginations aren’t good. The definition of “fairness,” would have to be reworked, I’d guess. Take courage when dissenting.

        It’s interesting to me that, for the most part, I never hear Bernie supporters explain how it’s going to work. The cry of unfairness and wanting the things he promises, are the only things that proceed out of their mouths. Who doesn’t like the sound of that grab-bag-affair? Who doesn’t wish their bank accounts were larger? Also, speaking as if the Nordic situation is translatable to the US is always glossed over, as if a given. For various and material reasons, that’s a point that’s much easier said than done.

        1. I don’t think you understand what Freedom is. You’re confusing it with Sameness. The concepts are barely even related.

          Our nation is founded on a framework of freedom and democracy. The GOP is fighting admirably against democracy. And now you’re coming out against freedom. We’re screwed.

          1. SKG: Please then, I need a lesson to know of the definition of freedom that I’m missing.

            Please explain the missing structure that Bernie plans to implement, while incorporating his use of freedom.

            My “definition” is based on Bernie’s aim for “fairness” and what’s necessary to make that happen.

  2. All this tells me is that, yes, I am correct in assuming that all of Apple’s snafus over the past several years are due to idiot, incompetent millennials. Where is the news here?

  3. Imagine how much better apple products would be if there were intelligent people working at apple instead of Demonrat supporters.

    That’s why no one says “It just works” anymore.

    1. Associating “intelligence” with party is more than naive. Let’s not forget, the board that you visit daily wouldn’t exist except for a brilliant man, who was clearly a D.

      Besides Steve, Bill Gates, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Ford are/were all “very dumb” democrats. Why some people need (/s) is dumb.

    2. dd: you are so full of it. At no point in its history did the leadership at Apple lean to the right of center, except perhaps when sugar water salesmen ran the show.

      While everyone fully supports conserving good things, history shows that extreme conservative personalities are the least adaptable and able to improve. Strides forward in all progress, computing and otherwise, are championed by people willing to question old assumptions and make changes to the status quo. Think about that.

        1. except of course well documented biological exceptions

          except historical and current cultural norms

          except scientific and observable studies in human sexual physiology

          some things just aren’t as binary as you want them to be.

          perhaps you’d have to educate yourself with teachings beyond misogynist Saint Paul. much too complex for this forum and completely irrelevant too.

          if you feel so strongly about another’s sexuality, so much so that you think it adversely affects Apple products, then you owe it to yourself to also boycott carmakers, airplane companies, etc. they certainly have gay employees too. also, be sure to remind your wife that, due to your slippery slope theory, you cannot let her have any girls nights out. Pence knows that the temptations are too great.

          1. And yet…apparently you can’t hit a stationary target. I simply inferred that biology can prove X or Y. It’s really that simple, dude.

            Geez…progressives and their rambling banalities.

            1. Sherm66,

              Science can also prove XYY and XXY, and it can prove XY with apparently female genitalia and XX with apparently male genitalia, to say nothing of intersex individuals with indeterminate genitalia. Then there are individuals with XX and female genitalia who experience the world as males and XY who experience it as female. Even more XY individuals perceive themselves to be male but feel no sexual attraction to females, or are XX females who feel no attraction to males. All these phenomena can be scientifically observed not only in humans but in most other animal species.

              It really isn’t that simple, dude.

      1. Does history NOT say “ that extreme liberal personalities are the least adaptable and able to improve? Or is that reserved for only the conservative nuts?

        Extremes of any kind are linked to inflexibility.

      2. “history shows that extreme conservative personalities are the least adaptable and able to improve.”

        More 🐂💩 opinion with zero facts from biased Mike.

        “Strides forward in all progress, computing and otherwise, are championed by people willing to question old assumptions and make changes to the status quo.”

        Yes, and those people that got it DONE throughout history are realistic moderates and conservatives with business experience. Not dreamers with no plans or tools to get the job done beyond flapping of the gums…

  4. seems to me that “intellectuals” somehow think they will be spared. They are usually the first executed. I really think you should all revisit the Apple stock price in the run up to Nov. 2016. It was dismal. Intellectuals are margninal at best in a capitalistic society. A fool and his money/life are soon parted. Keep giving your talents for pittance to your masters.

  5. A 78-year-old socialist with a heart condition and a 38-year-old small town mayor. That’s what the Democrat Party comes up with.

    And, that’s over a fake Indian congenital liar, a bunch of confused no-names, and a billionaire former RINO trying to steal the nomination.


    What’s Bernie’s slogan?

    “All-time low unemployment. We gotta change that! Hey, where’s my heart pills?”

    T R U M P   L A N D S L I D E   2 0 2 0

  6. Socialism: an economic theory or system in which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by the community collectively, usually through the state. It is characterized by production for use rather than profit, by equality of individual wealth, by the absence of competitive economic activity, and, usually, by government determination of investment, prices, and production levels.

    This means we will all be millionaires since Bernie is one, right? Time to pay up you rich bastards.

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