Apple Stores in China won’t reopen as planned due to coronavirus

Earlier this month, Apple closed all of its corporate offices, stores, and contact centers in China due to the coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, and at the time, the closures were expected to last through February 9. Now, employees have been notified by the company that Apple Stores in China won’t reopen as planned due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Apple Stores in China closed due to China coronavirusJuli Clover for MacRumors:

Apple’s Head of People, Deirdre O’Brien, this morning sent out an email (via MacGeneration) to Apple employees as some prepare to transition back to work while others wait longer for word on when they can return.

According to O’Brien, Apple is working to reopen Apple’s corporate offices and contact centers next week, and is “actively working” to reopen retail stores at a date that “will be determined next week.”

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, it’s a situation that is in some flux.

Here’s O’Brien’s full email to employees:

Team, I want to thank every one of you for the care, flexibility and spirit you have shown over the past few weeks. Around the world, the entire Apple family stands committed to helping our colleagues, communities, suppliers, partners and customers in China as they care for their health and return to daily life. Apple’s support for the global coronavirus response is broad and ongoing, including our donation to the public health effort.

Since my last note, we have been in constant consultation with public health experts, government authorities and our teams and leaders in China. In light of those conversations, I want to share new information about Apple’s workplaces.

We are working toward reopening Apple’s Corporate Offices and Contact Centers in China next week. We recognize that personal movement and travel restrictions are ongoing and schools are closed in many places, and managers will be working with their teams to offer additional support. You will receive a follow up communication shortly with more information.

Apple’s Retail Stores are actively working to reopen at a date that will be determined next week. Additional cleaning, health protocols and local restrictions around public spaces will factor into this decision. Retail teams will receive updates from their managers on the opening date for their store and on other supportive steps we are taking.

Individual business leaders will be reaching out to you soon with more information relevant to your work. In addition to your manager, your People Business Partner and People Support are your resource for any questions you may have. To stay up to date with Apple’s efforts, please continue to check the dedicated coronavirus page we’ve created on the People site.

As we work together to gradually resume work over the next few weeks, your well-being is our first priority. We are deeply grateful to everyone for facing this challenging period with the utmost empathy and understanding.



  1. Meanwhile, and this is the truth, I’ve had leftist friends saying the travel ban on China was xenophobic and out of compassion the USA should open its borders to everyone. Again, this is seriously the way people think.

    1. It’s very troubling because these people would sooner see Americans die than offend foreigners. The US was at its strongest when immigration was severely limited and newcomers were screened and sent home if they were diseased. Mass immigration is the issue of our time, it’s why President Trump was elected, and it will continue to be flashpoint between those who prioritize American interests versus those with a communistic mentality. I doubt even widespread deaths from the Coronavirus in the US would change their minds. It’s time for an immigration moratorium to take care of our own affairs, the world’s sicknesses and other problems are infinite and we don’t need them right now.

      1. James Carville, Democratic and self-proclaimed “liberal” strategist, questioned the open borders, free health care for those undocumented (illegal aliens) position being advocated by Bernie and others on the D platform. He was incredulous that it’s being promoted. He wasn’t a fan of felons voting from prison, either. Another Bernie position.

      2. Nick, I’m interested in your support for a total ban on legal immigration. I assume that you are a registered member of a federally-recognized tribe. If not, when are you and your family going home?

        I do not support “open borders.” Even here in Texas, I have never personally met anyone who does. People argue about changes to the already stringent limits on legal immigration, but I have never met anybody who opposes reasonable screening of immigrants for public safety or reasonable quotas to limit immigration to assimilable numbers.

        Nevertheless, I predict that the majority of responses to this comment will conflate legal immigration with folks crossing the borders without lawful permission. Those are separate issues. One can support one without supporting the other.

        I have seen very little evidence that the country is being swamped with legal immigrants or that they pose a threat to safety. Immigrants have a much lower crime rate than native-born citizens. The American cities with the highest proportion of immigrants tend to be safer than average.

  2. Apple’s initial retail closing period of approx 10 days seemed more than curious. It seemed to be a protective stop-gap that was w/o rationality, as 14 days is the virus’ germination period.

    Now, the corona virus’ infection count has passed the SARS count in the same timeline. I’ll wager there will be more closings announced, going forward.

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