Teens’ disturbing AirPods trick is gross, but also cool

Okay, these teens’ disturbing AirPods trick is gross, but also cool. A new video making its way around the internet shows a new way teens are communicating with each other in class. No more passing notes scrawled on pieces of paper when you can trade an Apple AirPod!

Teens disturbing AirPods trick
Apple AirPods
Chris Matyszczyk for ZDNet:

It appears they’re swapping a single Apple AirPod of theirs for a single Apple AirPod of their friends. Next, they quietly type little messages using some text-to-speech app and their friends can listen to those messages while the teacher explains the highlights of the reproductive system.

Isn’t this behavior just a touch yucky? Personally, I don’t like inserting anything into my ears. I’d be especially reluctant to shove in something that’s just been inside someone else’s ear. Especially as, these days, people seem to keep their AirPods in all the time.

MacDailyNews Take: This is a slick, kinda gross, high tech way to pass messages (and earwax) in class, but it could also be used for cheating, so teachers need to be vigilant!


  1. Why are the kids allowed to wear ANY type of headphones during class? The obvious assumption is they’re listening to music (not talking to each other), when they should be paying attention.

    1. Because teachers are not allowed to discipline or take anything from them anymore due to PC and losing their jobs. Pretty soon I see Spicoli behavior (ordering that cheese pizza) as the norm. As well as most other undesirable behaviors. This is the world we live in now.

  2. I don’t find it gross at all to swap earphones since when they’re outside of class, they’re probably kissing. Unless you find the thought of high school kids making out to be gross, too. But the schools shouldn’t allow kids to wear headphones during class anyway. They should be listening to the teacher’s lecture.

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