Apple Arcade has replaced my Nintendo Switch

Apple Arcade Nintendo Switch: Apple’s new service, Apple Arcade, costs just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year for access to over 100 exclusive games without ads or in-app purchases.
Apple’s new service, Apple Arcade, costs just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year for access to over 100 exclusive games without ads or in-app purchases.

“While the idea of having access to thousands of games on my iPhone through the App Store has always appealed to me, finding quality games that were worth my time and money was incredible hard. Not to mention the free-to-play model is so prominent in mobile developing that playing a game you really love can eventually become frustrating to play unless you decided to consistently spend money. The good news is, this has all changed with the release of Apple Arcade,” Luke Filipowicz for iMore:

The service started with approximately 80 titles (now it has over 100), and each title was precisely as advertised. A complete gaming experience without annoying pop-up ads, the need to pay for anything in-game, and not a single game needed you to be continuously connected to Wi-Fi — I was like a kid in a candy store…

The last time a company gave me this much excitement about gaming-on-the-go was when Nintendo released the Switch a few years ago. I used to love taking my Switch on the bus or long road trips because it was a way to play some of my favorite games when I was away from the comfort of my living room; however, since the launch of Apple Arcade, my Nintendo Switch has rarely come out of its dock.

MacDailyNews Take: Bad news for Nintendo is great news for Apple!


  1. Move on. Fake news here. Nothing compares to real controllers. Yes, add ons are available for iOS devices, but the games are just not the same. Good for him and I’m sure some others, but this is not bad news for Nintendo as they already have games on iOS and are covering all types of gamers with Switch and the iOS apps and Android apps. Did anyone even bother to look at Switch sales figures before writing this article???

  2. I’ll probably be interested to see what new and original games I can get on Apple Arcade, and I will probably enjoy playing them. However, there are some titles that I just go to for nostalgia that I have on my Switch, and just, damn, they’re a good playing experience there. (Mainly games with “Final Fantasy” in the title and that have 3D graphics.) . Plus the Switch has Ring Fit Adventure, which I’m dying to try out.

    I’m also considering getting a Stadia just so I can play Final Fantasy XV without having to splurge for a Playstation or an XBox. But if FF15 were to appear on Apple Arcade, I could be persuaded not to give Alphabet Inc. my money. 😉

    1. Ring Fit Adventure – this would be great for CitizenX to exercise his ainus – mine too – because he likes to live up mine and I like to live up his. I hope they make an Android version soon so I can download it and use it, given I’m cynical about Apple and all.

    1. I taste the rainbow… tastes compellingly fruity. Rather nice. Much better than tasting whatever apple cynic is babbling on about – he does say some strange stuff!

  3. I bought all my Playstations 1 thru 4 just to play Gran Turismo 1 thru 6/Sport, so there will be no Apple Arcade in my future. I’m anxiously waiting for the PS5 and GT 7. Although I only use my PS consoles for one game, the amount of hours I’ve played GT is just crazily high. There’s nothing Apple can possibly offer to make me switch platforms.

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