Intel to intro new thermal design for notebook computers

Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai, DigiTimes:

At the upcoming CES 2020, Intel is planning to announce a new thermal module design that is able to enhance notebooks’ heat dissipation by 25-30% with many brands also set to showcase products using the innovation during the show, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

The new thermal design is part of Intel’s Project Athena and consists of a combination of vapor chambers and graphite sheets… Intel’s design will replace the traditional thermal modules with a vapor chamber and attach it with a graphite sheet that is placed behind the screen area for stronger heat dissipation.

The hinges will also need to be re-designed to allow the graphite sheet to go through in order to conduct heat.

The new design will allow vendors to create fanless notebooks and can further shrink notebooks’ thickness.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like a significant improvement that would nonetheless pale in comparison to Apple-designed, ARM-based Macs.


  1. I mean what is wrong with Intel processors? ARM? So if Apple changes, you will see a lot of pissed off people and developers. And for what? So Apple can brag they control their processors now? Good luck and keep dreaming about ARM. Most likely won’t happen for at least 10 years. Don’t believe it? Look how long it took for the Mac Pro to come out.

  2. NEWSFLASH ARM CHIPS GET HOT TOO. but there isn’t any software on an iPad that pushes them into meltdown because its a crippled OS with limited functionality. ARM is fine for unitasking hand helds. they excel at that. they do not excel at multi purpose broadband general usage and heavy workloads. they are not designed to do that.

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