Unlucky 13: Does Apple’s latest iOS 13.3 redeem iPhone’s current OS?

“iOS 13 has been a pretty embarrassing release for Apple, going from one buggy release to another,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet:

Apple itself knew how bad iOS 13 was, and has put plans in place to improve future releases.

But the end of the year is now in sight, and Apple has released iOS 13.3, likely the last iOS/iPadOS release of 2019, what is the current state of iOS 13?

Bottom line, it’s not bad at all… Overall, a solid set of new features for a x.3 release.

MacDailyNews Take: If you’re running iOS 13 and/or iPadOS 13 and haven’t yet updated to version 13.3, upgrade ASAP!


  1. Bugs aside, the design changes in iOS 13 for basic apps like Mail are just terrible. Inelegant, clunky, less useful than its predecessor, forcing users to tap and swipe more for the same basic functions like putting a message in a folder or hiding functions that used to be on top under another layer is big step backwards.

    1. Very much agreed. iOS 13.0 was a buggy piece that should have been tinkered more over, and an awful lot of the changes feel so very poorly thought through. You gotta stop this, Apple. It is annoying as hell, and something I would have reserved for Microsoft 15 years ago. Get it together, already.

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