Stocks jump to a new record on Trump tweet saying U.S. is ‘very close’ to China trade deal

Fred Imbert for CNBC:

President Trump
President Trump
Stocks jumped to all-time highs on Thursday after President Donald Trump said China and the U.S. were zeroing in on a trade deal, lifting hope that an agreement will be reached before a key deadline.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded 200 points higher, or 0.7%. The S&P 500 also surged 0.7% along with the Nasdaq Composite. Thursday marked the first time since Nov. 27 that the major averages hit record highs.

Dow Jones later reported U.S. negotiators are offering to cancel new China tariffs and reduce existing levies on Chinese goods by up to 50% on $360 billion worth of imports. However, the report also said the original tariffs would be reimposed if China fails to carry out its end of the deal.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s the animating tweet:


    1. UBS and Credit Suisse say iPhone sakes down 30+ % in China
      (which might or might not be true as other analysts including that Ming Kuo say sales good)

      read more at especially the comments

  1. How is this not market manipulation? Every few weeks he tweets either he “is going to be making a huge, beautiful deal” or “There will be no deal”, the markets react and then he actually does nothing. Who are the people in his inner circle who are actually profiting off of this?

    1. Send your comment to (((Adam Schiff))) and (((Jerold Nadler))). They are desperate for something to impeach Trump with, and this is as phony as all their previous attempts. And remember, evidence is not required when you’re a Democrat. The accusation itself is more than sufficient.

  2. Riiiiiigggghhhhhht. And North Korea is going to unilaterally give up all its nukes based on tweets too. Some people are dumb enough to believe anything that sounds good.

    What is completely missing is any evidence of progress. No issues detailed, no principles outlined, no joint press conferences, no confirmation from the other side. No allies and certainly nobody else from the US government knows what’s going on. You should just trust (wink, wink) Mr. Perfect Phone Call.

    Is this Deal Phase 1 or Phase 0.01?

    Tweets are not action.

    Perhaps Mr. Guiliani is busy working out the totally above board exchange on behalf of actual government officials. You know, because using private lawyers to conduct foreign diplomacy is now acceptable to the GOP. That party has totally lost its principles following tweety in chief off a cliff.

    1. Dear Dum-dum:

      Private Envoys have been used by Presidents throughout American history, beginning with George Washington.

      (And let’s not pretend that you care about the issue itself. You just hate Trump. You’re one of those limp-wristed phaggots who’s still crying because Hillary Pantsuit Clinton got her ass handed to her.)

        1. Dear Dum-dum:

          He did not do it for personal gain. He did it because it was brought to his attention that Joe Biden used one billion dollars of American taxpayer money to take the heat off of his son. Joe Biden is on video bragging about this, though for some strange reason he didn’t mention the part about his son.

          You may continue to parrot the lying likes of Adam Schiff and Jerold Nadler and all of those other lowlife losers, but that makes you just scummy and ethically challenged as they are, so, knock yourself out.

          1. Your support for White Christian Nationalism in other MDN threads today provide a pretty good clue. For example:

            “Western Civilization is exclusively the product of White men. At first, they were pre-Christ White Men—because the period was B.C.—and then, they were Christian White Men, during which the highest achievements of Western Civilization were achieved. And Jews had nothing to do with it, since usury is not a civilizational accomplishment.”

            1. Oh get the smelling salts. A left-winger is falling back on his fainting couch because he came across a White man who isn’t self loathing and can’t be manipulated. The horror!

              Israel is for Jews!
              Africa is for blacks!
              China is for Chinese!
              Japan is for Japanese!
              Latin America is for Hispanics!
              The Middle East is for Muslims!

              But White countries? They’re for EVERYONE, and if you say otherwise you are the World’s Worst Person!

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