Democratic National Committee: Apple News to co-host its first presidential debate in February

The Democratic National Committee announced on Thursday the hosts of the next four presidential debates in the first four primary and caucus states. This will mark the first time Apple News will co-host a presidential debate.

The dates, hosts, and states:
• January 14: CNN (Iowa)
• February 7: ABC, Apple News, and WMUR-TV (New Hampshire)
• February 19: NBC and The Nevada Independent (Nevada)
• February 25: CBS, Congressional Black Caucus Institute in partnership with Twitter (South Carolina)

Sara Fischer for Axios:

The next Democratic debate will be held on Dec. 19 at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, per Politico, which will host alongside PBS NewsHour.

MacDailyNews Take: Good luck, Apple News, in co-hosting your first U.S. presidential debate!

While we do not know exactly which candidates will be included in Apple News’ February 7th debate, so far seven candidates have qualified to appear on stage for the December 19th debate:

• Joe Biden
• Pete Buttigieg
• Amy Klobuchar
• Bernie Sanders
• Tom Steyer
• Elizabeth Warren
• Andrew Yang


  1. How does Biden feel about his son getting 50k a month and not knowing anything about what he was there for? That isn’t corruption? How is it fair that on video he talked about with holding money from Ukraine until they fired the lawyer after his son and Obama would have backed him on it? For all: How much will middle class taxes go up? Who is paying for their dreams that they talk about on stage to only try and win votes? Why do they put illegals over Americans?

      1. dd: you could ask the EXACT same question about DJT junior, felon Manafort, professional meeting goer Kushner, and future felon Guiliani, not to mention many other associates of the potus.

        You seem incapable of understanding that it is against Constitutional law for the potus to use his office to empower and enrich himself. That is all the current administration has ever done. The only reason criminal charges haven’t been levied is because the 3rd personal choice of Attorney General believes (wrongly) that a sitting president can never be charged with a crime. Thus the obstructions of justice (11 times and counting), the illegal meetings, the improper contacts with foreign officials, the repeated breaking of the emoluments clause, the conflicts of interest, the nonstop lies and so forth have all been allowed to continue.

        The potus is convinced he is above the law, just as he claimed on the stump. He could murder someone on 5th Avenue and nothing would come of it. That is why the day after Mueller’s report was officially trashcanned by Barr, Trump felt sufficiently empowered to shake down Ukraine for political help. After all, he was then certain he was officially above the law and protected by a lapdog AG.

        Only AFTER caught redhanded bribing Ukraine with missiles for personal gain did the administration suddenly deliver the bipartisan support that was approved months earlier. If not exposed to the “enemy of the people”, the press, Trump would have continued to employ foreign powers to meddle in US elections. According to the idiot puppet GOP house members, a bribe is only a bribe if you have videotape of Fat Donny explaining in no uncertain terms what “favor” was requested, and to s-l-o-w-l-y explain on tape for the benefit of the GOP idiots why the “favor” needed to be managed by a non-government official, Giuliani, instead of being done above board by the Justice Department.

        This isn’t about the potus, nor is it about the slimy Bidens. I encourage you to investigate Bidens fully. Why isn’t Barr getting off his ass and doing this? Is there a law against unqualified sons of corrupt US officials taking insane amounts of money from large multinational corporations for doing little to no real work? If so, many children of the potus and almost all of Congress should be indicted immediately. Surely the swamp is so thick that a well-known corruption crusader like Fat T (you do willingly ignore the millions in fines Fat T has has to repeatedly pay for his past corruption) should have dozens of convictions accomplished by now. How come the only swamp draining convictions have been GOP schmucks, most of them associates of Fat T? Where are the tweets showing Fat T has been working with the attorney general to convict ANYONE? He didn’t lock up the Clintons as promised. He hasn’t brought corruption charges to the Bidens despite having the most powerful legal team in the world in his pocket.

        Are you claiming that Guiliani, Trump’s personal lawyer with extensive ties to corrupt officials in both Russia and Ukraine, is the best person to combat corruption in foreign governments? The guy who can’t remember his iPhone passcode and butt dials “enemy of the people” journalists? Well now we know how competent Fat T is.

        If the president is allowed to engage in unrestrained corruption, then the US is well on its way to becoming a banana republic, having nobody in power responsible to the people. All it takes is enough dittoheads to buy the strongman populist lies and you have defacto single-party rule.

        Xi must be laughing how Fat T never puts America first. He puts himself first and then falsely tweets that he’s making progress on all the campaign promises for which he never appointed any competent officials to enact. Get ready for the next round of pump-and-dump tweets to enrich the insiders of this corrupt administration.

  2. Yes, Donald operates like a monarch; arrogant facial expressions like that of Fascist Mussolini. Fundie Christian base gives him a pass because he is White and, it collectively says, he is going after pedos, and is shutting down wasteful spending on poor moms and their food-stamp grubbing children, but relishing his wasteful increase in the Pentagon budget. But Pelosi NeoLibs are in on the latter too.

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