Pablo Escobar’s brother threatens to sue Apple for $30 billion

Emily Price for Digital Trends:

Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto released his own flamethrower, a device he said inspired Elon Musk’s viral Not a Flamethrower. Now, the brother of the infamous drug lord is [promoting] the Escobar Fold 1 [which] features a flexible screen that allows users to fold it into a tablet…

He has plans to file a class-action lawsuit against Apple next year.

“They are scammers, and now we are preparing the class-action lawsuit,” Escobar said. “They are cheating the people and selling worthless phones to consumers, overpriced. My lawyers have been ready for long time, but before I sue them and give money back to the people which they deserve, I wanted to show them that my product is much better. On January 6 of next year, 2020, the $30 billion class-action lawsuit will be filed in the courts of California of America. We want Apple to give some of their illegal profits back to the people. I will make sure of it.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bobby obviously has access to a copious supply of mind-altering substances.

The models in the video failed to distract us enough to not notice that the display on the “Escobar Fold 1” is never shown (although it took a few plays):


    1. Amen. Now that was a pathetic display of what models will do for cash. They haven’t a clue. Dark- rooted “blondes” and young dupesters in underwear—yep, that’s the new Apple replacement for sure. Smarter than Steve Jobs, “Fer shure.”

      This should get tossed out of court in three minutes.

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