Apple Card begins to appear on credit reports

“Nearly four months after rolling out in the United States, the Apple Card is now beginning to appear on credit reports,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors:

Goldman Sachs has confirmed that it is working with credit bureau TransUnion to begin reporting Apple Card information, informing cardholders that they will see full details on their credit report within the next five days. This includes the date the Apple Card account is opened, credit balance, payment status, and more.

In other words, like any other credit card, the way you use your Apple Card can now have an impact on your credit score.

MacDailyNews Take: Better late than never!


  1. It’s a pain… Goldman Sach’s credit limit roulette only gave me 10k limit yet my regular credit cards are paid off every month for years (814-843 “score”) so now my monthly charges on the Apple Card takes it over the 30% of the credit limit and sends a red flag to my credit “score”. Dumb all round.

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