2020 iPhone rumored to feature under-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

“Apple has arranged for a representative to meet with Taiwanese touchscreen-related manufacturer GIS next week to discuss development of an iPhone with an under-display fingerprint scanner for release as early as next year, according to a pair of reports from the Economic Daily News,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors:

The reports claim that Apple plans to use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor technology in at least one iPhone model set to be released in 2020, although the timeframe could be pushed back to 2021. GIS would cooperate with Qualcomm to supply necessary components.

This lines up with recent reports from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Barclays analysts, Bloomberg, and others who expect Apple to release an iPhone with both Face ID and under-display fingerprint authentication in 2020 or 2021.

MacDailyNews Note: Qualcomm today unveiled new 3D Sonic Fingerprint Technology called 3D Sonic Max, the latest version of the company’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. 3D Sonic Max offers a recognition area that is 17x larger than the previous generation, allowing for increased security via simultaneous two-finger authentication, increased speed and ease of use.


  1. Apple has interest in this BACKWARDS tech??? What the hell is wrong with Face ID??? It works so seamlessly and fast, it takes zero effort to use.

    Who in the hell wants to go back to finger prints???

  2. The only products and services I provide to the world are you, my adoring fans, some of whom dislike me intensely. You are my products and services, and you are most deserving of full refunds in life. Just like Apple has a walled garden, I too have a garden walling off my emotions, intensity and sanity. If you don’t like it, that’s up to you, I can’t control your actions, or Apple’s, but only mine, and I can tell you, Apple annoys me greatly with its penny pinching – no, scratch that – massive bagfuls of dollars pinching behavior. It’s shameful. I demand a refund to all people Apple has ripped off everywhere. Especially to my products and services.

  3. Apple did not succeed in screen embedded finger print ID in time when they had to go with Face ID for X lines 2 years or so back. In the same year, Chinese placed screen embedded TID, perhaps a bit slower at the time. Perhaps it was still a maturing technology that Apple did not opt for at the time, but now it’s a norm in Andoid camp (many come with both TID and FID). So, Apple went out in the market, spreading the gospel of 1 in one mil chance of hacking for FID vs. 1 in 5K chance for TID (or something like that). These numbers are thrown around but never proven (at least to us, iPhone users), and so totally irelevant as the much weaker chain of secuity lies everywhere. So, Apple has been trying to sell the FID with a security emphasis whie what peole really wanted was a convenience.
    But there are sufficient fans of both TID and FID. So, satisfy both camps by giving both, or option of choosing one over the other. Technology is finally here. I know TID would not require “horns” (a notch ? No, a pair of evil horns) on top of the screen. We shall see.

  4. It would be ideal for a smaller screen SE2. Apple would not go all for the embedded TID, as they may have diffuclties to swallow the retraction of FID. So the solution must be thr offering of both ID methos in a single model, or produce 2 kinds, one for FID and another for TID which I believe Apple will abhor due to marketing consideration and smaller model choices for an easier inventory optimization. Intereting, froma guy who is still ssticking to the 8 and SE and feeling no desire to switch to FID & OLED phones. But I bought an11 Pro for my daghter “twice” in 2 week (a long story), so I guess I am not necessarily in TID brigade fanatic, Just watching how and where it goes and I am not in a hurry at all, but looking forward to the next phone.

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