Meet Jeffrey Miller, President Trump ally and Apple’s newest lobbyist

Apple is poised to spend millions to bolster efforts by lobbyist Jeff Miller, a long-time ally of President Trump and a prominent Republican fundraiser.

Arthur Villasanta for International Business Times:

Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) confers with U.S. President Donald Trump
Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) confers with U.S. President Donald Trump
A lobbying registration form filed with the federal government shows Apple hiring Miller and his lobbying firm, Miller Strategies, LLC, for “trade issues as they relate to technological goods and services.” Miller’s firm registered to lobby for Apple in October but only signed the disclosure on Thursday.

Apple hasn’t revealed the specific nature of Miller’s role as it relates to trade issues bedeviling Apple, which produces practically all of its popular Apple iPhones in China. Apple has been hit by Trump’s tariff war against China and has been spared from more costly damage because of CEO Tim Cook’s close relationship with president Donald Trump.

Jeff Miller has 25 years of experience in Republican leadership roles. In this time span, Miller has built a reputation as a nationally respected Republican strategist, fundraiser, and public affairs advisor. Media have described Miller as “very influential in Washington, a leading fundraiser,” and a “powerbroker.”

MacDailyNews Note: Miller has served as vice finance chair of the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee, political advisor for Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, finance chair for the California Republican Party, the California campaign chair for Perry for President in 2012, co-finance chair for the Republican Governors Association, and political advisor to former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. More info via Miller Strategies here.


  1. Half of his resume is advising miserable failures, so-called consultants drain far more value than they provide and often undermine the cause they are hired to champion. I am far more comfortable with direct talks between TC and POTUS and their immediate circle than mercenary leeches like this. If Trump weren’t in office he’d be working for Jeb! or Hillary.

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