Apple’s macOS reimagined as ‘macOS Ventura’ on new concept video

Wayne Williams for betanews:

The latest version of macOS — 10.15 Catalina — was released just a month ago, and introduced some big changes, including the break-up of iTunes, and dropping support for 32-bit apps…

It might not happen any time soon, but if Apple does eventually make the jump to macOS 11, it’s fair to say the operating system will get a fairly major overhaul at that point. If you’d like to see how it should look, we’ve got this stunning video to wow you.

This concept comes from YouTuber Kamer Kaan Avdan, who has previously created… concept videos for iOS 12 and iOS 13, and re-imagined iOS 6 for modern devices. A year ago gave us his macOS Cupertino concept.

MacDailyNews Take: We would certainly like to be able to grab some widgets out of the Notification Center’s Today view to place on the Desktop!


  1. No big deal one way or the other. Apple and other companies are heading in the direction more and more of change for the sake of change in order to look hip and sophisticated, and in violation of Interface Rule #1: Don’t leave the view wondering where to go next ( in the name of “Minimalism”) Could be worse.

  2. Bring back the “look and feel” of Snow Leopard, and it’ll become The Killer OS!

    Uncage the dock! Allow the user to nest folders within folders, as deep as they want!

    And put an upper case “M” on “Mac OS,” no more diminishing the Mac, including by Apple!

    Like it or not, the Mac is the heart and soul of Apple.

    And anyway, OS 10.10 should’ve really been OS 11. Mathematically speaking, “10.1” and “10.10” are the same, so Catalina should really be 11.6!

    Apple, you have lost direction. Regain it and try to understand what the USER — not what some IDIOT EXECUTIVES — want and need!

  3. Prediction: 1) Successor to Catalina will be Ventura, with the band “America” performing the song “Ventura Highway” at the Apple Event . . . 2) The following year: “OS With No Name”

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