Apple requests U.S. tariff waivers on iPhone Parts, Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, and more

Mark Niquette and Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

Apple Inc. is seeking exclusions from President Donald Trump’s tariffs that went into effect Sept. 1 on the Apple Watch, iMac, parts for the iPhone and other components imported from China.

The company filed requests for exclusions from 15% duties on 11 products or components Thursday, the first day U.S. firms could seek relief from the tariffs on about $110 billion in Chinese imports.

Exclusion decisions are based on whether a product is available only from China, is strategically important or related to Chinese industrial programs, and whether duties will “cause severe economic harm” to the company or U.S. interests.

In its requests for tariff waivers, the Cupertino, California-based company said it hasn’t identified a source outside of China that is able to meet U.S. demand for the products or components in the coming year.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple also is seeking tariff exemptions on HomePod, Beats’ Pill+ wireless speaker, AirPods, Beats wireless earbuds, iPhone smart battery case, AirPods charging case, and PowerBeats, storage components for the Mac Pro, and batteries for the iPhone and MacBook.


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  1. Cook continues to to stick it to the american worker by groveling to comrade Xi and scrounging for loopholes and exemptions to import duties. Tariffs paid for the whole of american government operations before the income tax, the cost being spread fairly accross those who consumed the items. Cook in effect, has made Apple an enemy of the american working class who clamor for his aspirational products.

    1. You do know that it’s the Trump administration and not Xi’s who has applied tarifs and whom Apple is applying for exemptions to, right?

      As for being an enemy of the American people for making products in a China, sure, American workers would love to trade the low-paying jobs with horrendously long hours that’s typical in Chinese manufacturing and at the same time send them massive shareholder profits and very high paying Apple corporate jobs. Right? The US may be terrible at distributing those profits but you seem to collectively hate the type of progressive, redistributive taxation that the rest of the rich world has and supports. Maybe don’t vote for someone who will cut taxes on billionaire and corps next time?

      As a Canadian, it’s absolutely obvious that Trump’s 1930s protectionist trade policies will end in ruin for all of us unless they are abandoned. Cook clearly knows this and is doing his best to negotiate around them and seems to be doing just about the best job of that of any US CEO. But sure, praise trump and criticize cook.

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