Adobe leaves 7.5 million Creative Cloud accounts exposed

Earlier this month, a serious security incident became apparent at Adobe that exposed the personal information of nearly 7.5 million users belonging to the company’s popular Creative Cloud service.

Ravie Lakshmanan for TNW:

According to security firm Comparitech, the software giant left an Elasticsearch server unsecured that was accessible on the web without any password or authentication required. The leak, which was discovered on October 19, was plugged by Adobe immediately after it was alerted of its existence.

The exposed database included details like email addresses, account creation dates, subscribed products, subscription statuses, payment statuses, member IDs, country of origin, time since last login, and whether they were Adobe employees or not.

Although there were no passwords or financial information in the database, the consequence of such exposure is the increased possibility of targeted spear phishing email attacks. “Fraudsters could pose as Adobe or a related company and trick users into giving up further info, such as passwords, for example,” Comparitech said.

MacDailyNews Take: It never ends. Adobe should be sued by users who have been harmed by their ineptitude en masse via class action lawsuit.


  1. Adobe’s days are numbered. At some point, motived people with skills to code software, will see this as an opportunity to offer people better solutions. I wish the people that made GoLive, would start a company and offer something lean like that. Dreamweaver is overkill for basic designs, Muse was killed off. Pixelmator is catching up. I believe they have a vector option as well. Quark should spend some marketing dollars to bring back those they lost when Adobe went after them. Final Cut Pro needs to handle more RAW video files and they could replace Premier. Acrobat is a huge pain to code and get to work, I believe there are other options. Media encoder is actually pretty good. .. Apple should just buy this company, and fix it.. but then again, Tim can’t seem to work on a watch and a computer at the same time.. never mind the BILLIONS they have to hire people and delegate.. but that’s another story. Where is the Mac Pro???? I am waiting.. hurry up!

  2. Adobe’s “popular” Creative Cloud? Being forced to use it, due to a discontinuation of stand-alone products, hardly makes it, or Adobe, “popular”. I’ll miss LR 6, but as I’m never entering into a “pay forever” scheme, and as Adobe won’t update the 32-bit components of their package, I’m looking for a replacement. Anyone have a viable LR alternative with strong DNG support? I’ve got years of work, rolled into DNG’s, and really really really want an equivalent program, and one that preserves my DNG edits.

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