Foxconn and Compal said to land assembly orders for next year’s Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Edition Series 5 with White Ceramic Case and Leather Loop
Apple Watch Edition Series 5 with White Ceramic Case and Leather Loop

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

Foxconn and Compal Electronics have obtained orders to assemble 2020 models of the Apple Watch, which would be Series 6 models if Apple sticks to its naming scheme, according to industry sources cited by DigiTimes. The report adds that Luxshare Precision will likely take orders for older Apple Watch models…

Rumors suggest 2020 could also be the year the Apple Watch gets a MicroLED display, and if true, Series 6 models could potentially have thinner, brighter, and more power efficient displays compared to current OLED models.

MacDailyNews Take: We know it’s probably a long way off, but if Apple can somehow make a breakthrough and achieve the holy grail of non-invasive glucose monitoring in Apple Watch, they’ll never be able to make enough of them!


  1. Each new iteration of Apple Watch is currently making so much sense that I would even call them dramatic updates with all seriousness. I would be very worried if I had $20 invested in Fitbit stock. It would be an expensive placeholder and a line waster in portfolio.

  2. I have a Watch 4 which is great and won’t buy another until glucose monitoring is a standard feature. And yes the sales when that happens will be incredibly monumental.

    Fitbit – we barely knew ye!

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