Google’s new Pixel 4 is an overpriced disappointment; get a real iPhone instead

Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4

Google today announced the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones at an anticlimactic event in New York.

Jason Perlow for ZDNet:

If you compare the specifications of the Google Pixel 4 and Galaxy S10, they are very similar, with some minor differences… The Galaxy S10 Plus has three main cameras, whereas the Pixel 4 XL only has two.

The main difference between the Pixel 4 and its [Android] competitors is that Google’s device utilizes a facial unlock system similar in functionality — although not in technology implementation — to the iPhone 11’s Face ID. It does this by using a miniature radar array, called Project Soli, for motion sensing, combined with the face unlock dot projection and infrared sensors. That means it eschews the under-screen fingerprint sensor of the S10 (and other devices like the Huawei P30 and the OnePlus 7) entirely for facial recognition…

The 64GB 5.7-inch Pixel 4 starts at $799, with the 128GB version costing $899 (comparatively, Apple’s storage increase increments are done at $50 bumps). The Pixel 4XL starts at $899 with 64GB and goes up to $999 with 128GB.

If you wanted to see innovation and value out of the Pixel 4 launch, forget it. What we got instead was overpriced, underpowered, and delivered too late. The company could do better, but clearly, it thinks its customers would rather pay a premium so that they can get software updates on time. How freaking arrogant and stupid is that?

MacDailyNews Take: Boring junk.

If you’ve settled for carrying an Android phone and stumbled here via search engine: Get a real iPhone this year instead. You’ll thank us later – profusely.


    1. No SD card slot
      No hdr10+
      No True-tone screem
      Noultrawide camera
      No quad flash
      No 4K@60fps
      No 1080p@240fps
      No 5G
      No fingerprint reader
      No 3,5mm headphone jack
      No 802.11 AX Wifi
      No 2meter 30min water resistance
      No USB power delivery 3.0
      No FM radio
      No Dolby Atmos heli
      No Dolby Digital Plus
      No 256GB
      No 512GB
      No more unlimited online original resolutsion photo storage
      Dual speakers
      Slow wireless charging
      Huge forehead
      IPhone 11 camera lookalike
      Overall iPhone lookalike designed by the same folks from Adibas, Mike and Redbook design team
      8MP front cam without autofocus
      Nonremovable 2800 mAh battery
      G logo
      Starting 750€

        1. Yes, ~7 different phones for ones every occasion and need If you are looking for the best possible solution while selecting from Android. Put the cost alltogether and replace that set after every 1.5-3 years. Good luck with that setup.

  1. No headphone jack, no sd card. Why would I get it?
    At least it’s not curated, but no.
    iPhone, hell no.

    Fortunately, on Android, there are other providers.
    I commend the writer for drilling them “a new one”. No fan zone.

    1. I’m always amused by those who go out of their way NOT to buy an iPhone preferring to boldly self-flog themselves with something fairly equally expensive but decidedly inferior in most ways that matter.

      Far be it from me to deny them but please excuse me a cruel chuckle in the process thinking about their folly. Go for it, and then, stifle yourself. No one cares.

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