Enhanced Apple Maps rollout to parts of the American Midwest

Apple is rolling out new Maps with richer details and better road coverage.
Apple is rolling out new Maps with richer details and better road coverage.

Apple in in the process of rolling out enhanced Apple Maps data to parts of the American Midwest, bringing much more detailed maps to Ohio, West Virginia, and parts of Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.

Tim Hardwick for MacRumors:

Apple has been deploying the enhanced maps up the northeast United States over the last few months, with the rollout recently extending to New York state. Now it has expanded west to cover West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and North Illinois.

The data is gathered by Apple’s own fleet of sensor- and camera-equipped vehicles, as well as first-party data gathered from iPhones using Apple’s differential privacy…

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s all-new Maps data will roll out to the entire United States by the end of this year with additional countries to get upgraded in 2020.


    1. Indeed.

      Some people here adhere to the antiquated politics and map drawing of the 1780s.

      Random factoids:

      The median center of population of the USA is currently in SW Indiana (38 deg N, 87 deg W). That point is dithering around as more and more people leave the center of the nation to seek jobs in “liberal” urban centers, mostly on the coasts — but also as aging retirees from the cold north flock to sunny states to retire.

      But people don’t seem as important as real estate to some people…
      The geographic center of the continental USA is in N Kansas (39 deg N, 98 deg W).
      The geographic center of the entire USA is in NW South Dakota (44 deg N, 103 deg W).

      Then one can draw topographical lines or cultural lines if they wanted to.

      Bottom line, it is long past time for the term “midwest” to be corrected. People need to recalibrate their mental compasses. For unknown reasons, many people are afraid to call their regions mid-east. How can there be a midwest without there being a mideast? Why wouldn’t we call states near the center of the country “central states”? Montana is really a north central state. Michigan and Indiana are really northeastern states. Texas is south central. Depending on how you want to slice it, significant parts of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia are northeast. It isn’t Manifest Destiny frontier days anymore.

  1. I don’t understand why the Census experts don’t simply use the subsections as labeled on the second map as their official regional labels. Pacific and Mountain are much more visually and contextually representative than basic directional references. You cannot be “mid” and “west” at the same time.

    Also, is there anyone in America who would identify Delaware as a southern state????

    At least the census makes more sense than regions in sports leagues !

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