Apple confirms iOS 13 Reminders Mac sync will be fixed with macOS Catalina release

Georgina Torbet for Engadget:

iOS 13 came out a couple of weeks ago, but one thing you may have noticed is that Reminders no longer sync with Macs. Apple has now confirmed that Reminders won’t update until its latest macOS update is made available.

The new version of Reminders for iPhone impressed us with its improvements in iOS 13.1. However, to sync Reminders between an iPhone and a Mac requires macOS 10.15, a.k.a. Catalina, which is released in the coming weeks.

MacDailyNews Take: Three days to go.

Apple’s support document states that Reminders will sync across devices if they’re running iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS 10.15 Catalina, or watchOS 6, and signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID.


  1. Not happy about this since I still have an iPhone 6 and cannot update to iOS13. This means I cannot update my watchOS. And what does it mean for my Mac? Will Catalina not sync the Reminders with my iPhone 6 and also my Apple watch? Will I be damned to buy a new iPhone that doesn’t have a headphone jack and run around everywhere with an adapter so I can use different headphones or listen to music while charging?

    1. Hi Generage,

      It’s probably worth finding a cheap, refurbished iPhone 6s out there to upgrade to. iPhone 6s is now the cheapest it has ever been, can still get an iOS 13 update, still has a headphone socket, has 3D Touch and is a genuine upgrade to your iPhone 6.

  2. Reminders App needs to download a Numbers column where each row is recorded as a separate Reminder like before the iOS 13 update.
    At the University using the Numbers app we keep a Sunday through Saturday weekly columns File. Each day we drop the Daily Column i.e. Monday, into Reminders for quick access.. We were planning on buying Apple Watches To access these Reminders through iCloud. Please correct this problem soon.

      1. Eh, not everyone is a Genius X, you know. I mean, some are blessed with an X-tra gene, making them gene-i-asses, and hey, you know, that’s you.

  3. This kind of disorganized incompatibility that appears randomly from a users point of view making it difficult to maintain basic organization is what frustrates me more than anything within the Apple ecosystem. I am still dealing with fallout of having changed my email and therefor Apple I.D. Poor maintenance.

  4. This is so unlike Apple. And I agree, this is a very simple Reminder app with 20kb text data to sync. It’s not like iTunes or a CRM. And why doesn’t my 13.1 iOS iPhone Reminder sync with iCloud??

  5. I am a senior and I am screwed with all my apple product with this iOS 13 upgrade. I use reminders a lot ( you see I am a senior and I forget a lot). Now I am screwed!
    With all your money you would think you would support seniors a little better.
    I was all so interested in a new watch but I couldn’t afford a new iPhone. So I am doing without.
    All these years I have been a loyal customer even after an Apple Store screwed me one day.
    (Long story)! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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