Apple releasing new iOS 13 developer beta today with Deep Fusion photography for new iPhones

Nilay Patel and Cameron Faulkner for The Verge:

Apple’s Deep Fusion photography system has arrived in the latest developer betas of iOS 13, hopefully hinting that it will ship for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro soon.

Deep Fusion is a new image processing pipeline for medium-light images, which Apple senior VP Phil Schiller called “computational photography mad science” when he introduced it onstage.

Deep Fusion’s is meant to offer a massive step forward in indoor and medium-lighting situations… If it’s as impressive as Apple claims, the iPhone 11 camera will leap even further ahead of the current competition and set a high bar for Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 to clear.

MacDailyNews Take: We soon see how well Deep Fusion works as people get to try it out with the new developer beta.

UPDATE: October 2, 9:25am: This article originally said the next iOS 13 developer beta would be released on October 1st. It has since been updated to report that Apple’s ship date for that beta is coming soon.


  1. When I saw the demo of this in the keynote, I didn’t know what to make of it. They showed a photo, zoomed in to show some of the detail, and expected us to be impressed. But they didn’t show any comparison images or zoomed-details. Without a comparison, how are we supposed to understand if this is magic or meh?

    1. Agreed…i was like ok ‘a higher-res pic’–we get to zoom in more? They didn’t explain the application, effect or uses of this technology–so it felt like filler.

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