Apple to bring feature-length movies to theaters, prior to release on Apple TV+

Apple is looking into bringing feature-length films to theaters before releasing them on their Apple TV+ streaming service, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Tomi Kilgore for MarketWatch:

One of Apple’s first theatrical releases, aimed for mid-2020, will be Academy Award-winner Sofia Coppola’s On the Rocks, starring Rashida Jones and Bill Murray, the WSJ said.

The company’s moves are similar to those of Inc.’s, which started releasing films in 2015.

MacDailyNews Take: In order to qualify for awards which help greatly to sell content, a theater run is required.


  1. Yawn. Silicone Valley really needs to check its ego and get out of entertainment. They just aren’t good at it. Granted, neither is Hollywood these days, but come on. Few care about this.

    1. You are spot on. It didn’t seem that long ago there were always movies to look forward to. Disney ruined star wars, 99% of reboot attempts suck, and most movies are trying to be so politically correct it makes the damn movie unbelievable.

  2. You make a good point, suspension of disbelief is virtually impossible. If Apple commercials are any indication, Apple TV+ will be a PC nightmare, the trailers already make this plain. Tim Cook simply talking to President Trump would be more compelling TV than any of their billion dollar productions.

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