After ‘Howdy Modi,’ President Trump and India’s PM could sign trade deal

David Lawder and Neha Dasgupta for Reuters:

The United States and India are racing to negotiate a limited trade deal that U.S. President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi can sign at the United Nations General Assembly in New York at the end of September, people familiar with the talks said…

Trump is also expected to sign a deal with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe next week that lowers Japanese farm tariffs. The deal under discussion with India would lower some tariffs on U.S. produce and restore preferential treatment for some Indian exports to the United States, the sources said.

Trump and Modi [met] this Sunday in Houston at an Indian-American rally dubbed “Howdy Modi!” in a 50,000-seat stadium — a sign of their warming relations, which are contributing to expectations for a “mini-deal.”

The portion of the event featuring U.S. President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins at 2:44:02:

Modi, like Trump, has used tariffs to try to boost investment in manufacturing, a key part of his “Make-In-India” campaign to attract foreign cash and create factory jobs for millions of youth entering the workforce.

Apple Inc supplier Foxconn recently expanded production of iPhones in India to avoid a 20% import tariff and diversify its supply chain from China.

Bilateral U.S. trade with India, at $142 billion last year, is just a fraction of the $737 billion in U.S.-China trade.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, the U.S. and India negotiators can arrive at some reasonable solutions that benefit both countries.


  1. So the 2nd worst world polluter, with a racist Muslim hater president, holds a joint backscratching ‘Howdy’ Texas event to support the 3rd worst world polluter with a racist Muslim hater president.
    Colour me surprised.

    1. President Donald J. Trump is by no stretch of fever pitch imagination a racist. Just as false as Russian collusion accusations exonerated after two years of fever pitch Democrat and media imagination.

      President Trump’s record economy has employed more Blacks, Hispanics and women than anytime in history. You and your ilk can close your eyes and mind and refuse to believe until the cows come home. But one thing you cannot do is change the facts and government records.

      I don’t expect you to acknowledge the facts, it would interfere with your hateful posts…

      1. Facts? You want facts? Achievements?
        You mean like President Bone Spurs insulting war hero McCain. Wow, such bravado.
        ‘Mexico will pay for the wall’…that sort of thing?
        Or we could talk about the “Trade Wars are easy to win” Go tell that to a farmer existing on handouts – which looks like socialism to me.
        Or how about his systematic destruction of the EPA , stocking it with oil and power execs on a mission to poison everybody in pursuit of $$$? The very same EPA which has protected you and your insanely poorly informed bubble all your life?
        Tell you what. I’ll congratulate His Mumsimus if he doesn’t destroy Obama’s legacy economy and you admit there was a successful legacy he inherited.

        1. You did not address one comment in my post agree or disagree. Because you can’t argue with facts and instead deflected to other personal pet peeves, got it.

          McCain has my utmost respect as a war hero. He falls short in governing and was not a good Republican. His no vote on repealing Obamacare was selfish and like a churlish child evened a personal petty score, rather than putting the interests of the United States above his own.

          “Tell you what. I’ll congratulate His Mumsimus if he doesn’t destroy Obama’s legacy economy and you admit there was a successful legacy he inherited.”

          No congrats required for a false setup. Destroy the Obama economy.!?! You mean the economy that saw GDP growth barely over 3% you could count on one hand in eight years? Trump passed that in less than two years. You mean the Obama economy that set a record for unemployed Americans, record for poverty numbers and record for people on welfare!?!

          I could go on with more statistical facts, but your mind is closed and a waste of my time…

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