U.S. trade regulators approve 10 out of 15 requests for tariff exemptions for Apple

Stephen Nellis for Reuters:

U.S. trade regulators on Friday approved 10 out of 15 requests for tariff exemptions filed by Apple Inc amid a broader reprieve on levies on computer parts, according to a public docket published by the U.S. Trade Representative and a Federal Register notice.

The move by U.S. officials could make it easier for both Apple and small makers of gaming computers to assemble devices in the United States by lowering the costs of importing parts.

Josh Zumbrun and Anthony DeBarros for The Wall Street Journal:

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative on Friday granted Apple exemptions on its Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and various internal components. The exclusions cover a time period from September 2018 to August 2020, and the U.S. will refund tariffs already paid.

The exclusions do not apply to other Apple items facing tariffs later this year, such as the Apple Watch, iPhones or AirPods, although the tech giant may seek more exemptions in the future.

Five other Apple exemption requests, including power and data cables and a circuit board, are still under review, according to the USTR.

On Friday, the USTR granted exceptions on more than 400 items, primarily applications that had been filed on earlier tranches of tariffs.

Other items granted reprieves included some familiar to consumers, such as miniature Christmas tree light sets and retractable dog leashes. Other exemptions included highly specific and obscure chemicals.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple CEO Tim Cook on China tariffs from the company’s July 30th conference call with analysts:

The way I view this is, the vast majority of our products are kind of made everywhere. There’s a significant level of content from the United States and a lot from Japan to Korea to China and the European Union also contributes a fair amount. And so, that’s the nature of a global supply chain. Largely, I think that will carry the day in the future as well. In terms of the exclusions, we’ve been making the Mac Pro in the U.S., we want to continue doing that. And so, we’re working and investing currently in capacity to do so, because we want to continue to be here. And so that’s what’s behind the exclusions. And so, we’re explaining that and hope for a positive outcome.

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          1. To clarify, Democrats have not passed meaningful tariff reform and ignored the problem for decades same as illegal aliens in a sanctuary city. President Obama had a goal to make a trade deal even worse than NAFTA in the Pacific. Thanks to the strong leadership of President Trump, he recognized the bad deal for American workers and put it out of its misery. His pressure on China present day is unprecedented as presidents of both parties IGNORED the problem for decades. I give him all the credit in the world for at the very least, addressing the issue…

            1. Correction: After less than two full days in office, the current President REVERSED the solution that previous Presidents had sweat blood to create—a multinational partnership of America and its allies directed at limiting the growth of Chinese influence in the Pacific Basin.

              He based this on the theory that we don’t need any allies because Fortress America is better off going it alone. That, in turn, is based on essentially the same economic theories that were refuted by Adam Smith in the 1770s.

            2. No link, deflection novel canard, total USER BS 🐂💩 as usual.

              Get it straight —Presidents for decades allowed China to run wild with tariff advantages. President Trump is vigorously addressing the issue and trying to write the wrongs of the past.

              Even if he fails, he did more than Clinton, Bush, Obama COMBINED…

            3. NAFTA was a united F-up, in Washington DC, Wall Street, the gentry, and management are winning but the masses just don’t get it at anything but the lowest level, what is worse half of them support getting the shaft and always have.

              Pinkerton’s 56, Molly McGuire’s 7

    1. I hope it isn’t controversial to say that I wish they would just BAN those damn retractable dog leashes! They should NOT get an exemption – they are a bad product. The owner loses any possibility of controlling their dog’s behavior, they have a slippery grip, they have an almost-invisible thin black line that often stretches across an entire sidewalk, creating a tripping hazard.
      Buy a leather leash, folks. There’s a reason they use them with horses. Leather is easy to grip and control, and the leash should be no more than 6 foot long – more than that and you don’t have physical control of the dog. Sure, you may it trained well, but the odds that a well-trained dog’s owner is using one of those dumb retractable leashes are low. I see one of those things coming my way, I stay away (whether I have my own dog with me or not).


      So, can everyone agree on this, regardless of your political leanings? 🙂

  1. The worst thing about tariffs; the pain/cost isn’t spread evenly…in respect to industries, products and individuals. Why do you get an exemption and I don’t? In addition, sometimes those dealt a bad card receive subsidies from the govt to “compensate” for their loss. Goofiness.

  2. Most corrupt administration since Jackson. You know exemptions are tied to dirty money. Dump TRUMP!

    No party represents their constituents. They pick their constituents by gerrymander and then represent only the moneyed interests (domestic or foreign) that keep them in power. TERM LIMITS AND CAMPAIGN REFORMS NOW!

    1. Do (tariff) exemptions always mean corruption/dirty money? In your tossing out the Trump bathwater, your are throwing out (including) Mr. Cook/AAPL, you realize?

      Apple has a pretty favored position in all of this, so I guess Apple is knee-deep w/ Don in the shite?

      1. Well this site is full of hypocrites but if Apple continues to sell out, then their corruption should be prosecuted like any other. Special tax deals with Ireland, shell companies in the Caribbean, Chinese supply chain. Just like any other multinational corporation designed first and foremost to enrich its executives. All protected by corrupt politicians worldwide of every flavor.

        Modern hyper-partisanship has ruined what should be a simple matter of fairness under law.

        1. ARS: you speak authoritatively, as if you know AAPL has broken the law. The EU is currently having a hearing on the Irish tax matter…as the matter is still being decided. I’d give ’em a call and share your scoop.

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