Apple’s Project Catalyst polarizes developers ahead of iOS 13, macOS Catalina launches

iOS and macOS developers have thoughts on what’s good and what’s still surprisingly bad about Apple’s plan to get iOS apps on the Mac via Project Catalyst.

William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

Every single developer we approached, across iOS and Mac, has seriously looked at Catalyst. A surprisingly high proportion simply have no use for it, because they’ve already got Mac apps in development.

For others, though, Catalyst is the reason they began considering making a Mac version —even if some developers soon decided to stop, and others are choosing to postpone the work until they’ve exploited all the new benefits in iOS 13 and iPad OS 13…

Every developer we spoke to said they were focused on at least making their app compatible with these new releases, and most were working to leverage Apple’s new functionality.

MacDailyNews Take: The plan, of course, is that in the short term, before SwiftUI takes over, Catalyst will translate some of the strengths of the Mac to iPad and get iOS developers well down the road to finished Mac apps, greatly bolstering the catalog of Mac apps in the process. Both outcomes look possible, if not probable, from what we’ve seen and heard about Catalyst so far.

These are very exciting times to be users of Apple hardware, software, and services!


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