Final Cut Pro change is in the air: Waiting on Apple’s Final Cut Pro X 10.5

Apple's Final Cut Pro X
Apple’s Final Cut Pro X

Richard Taylor for FCPXtv:

Will FCPX 10.5 be announced/released in 2019?

That, of course, is certainly possible. Apple has said an update to FCPX is forthcoming this fall. That also could be a 10.4.7 update to coincide with the new Mac Pro release, also slated for this fall. If they release the update in late October or early November, that would be close to the FCPX Creative Summit. That way they could show us this new version of FCPX at the Summit.

But even if they release an update in the early fall, we also could still see 10.5 as a sneak peak or full release at the FCPX Creative Summit in November… If 10.5 is released around the Summit, it will be two full years between major updates. That would be an unusual length of time between major full number FCPX updates. A normal cycle is 18 months.

The following is not a Final Cut Pro X feature request list or a wish list (that’s here), but rather a list of features I expect to see included in the next FCPX feature update. We could also see updates for Motion and Compressor as well…

MacDailyNews Take: Who among FCPX editors wouldn;t love some quality speech-to-text for automatic transcriptions or many of the ther items on Taylor’s list of expected FCPX 10.5 features?!


  1. Did you see this guys wish list? Wow, That’s quite a list… and to think Final Cut 7 did most of the things he’s asking for. 11 years ago! Let’s face it, it’s simply a glorified YouTube editing program. Hopefully with the Mac Pro in mind, they actually make a Pro video edit program.

  2. I have two simple ones and they were both in FC7
    – ability to set curser and choose all left or all right with one command
    – ability to set in and out points for output.

    Can’t believe these simple features are not already available.

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