Apple could soon release new Apple TV hardware

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote
Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote

Romain Dillet for TechCrunch:

All eyes are on the next iPhone, but Apple could also be working on a new Apple TV. The device could be announced next week, or maybe later this fall.

The anonymous Twitter account @never_released shared the codename of a new Apple TV — AppleTV11,1 or J305AP. They have been accurate when it comes to finding codenames of various unreleased Apple products in the past.

A spec bump would make a lot of sense, as Apple is about to launch Apple Arcade, its gaming subscription service that works on iOS, macOS and tvOS.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV 4K was released 23 months ago on September 22, 2017, so a processor bump, at the very least, is certainly due!


  1. If Apple Tv licensed their technology into Smart TV’s Like ROKU, well, they’d be Roku, who’s stock price is blowing up! Now with a market cap of only 19b, Apple should buy Roku, and instantly be in 40 million homes, More, and combine forces to gain some ground…. Apple should truly have a “Cord Cutting Campaign” and make theirs the easiest way to cut the cord… it would be HUGE, and that’s a lot of households to get into.. maybe even Android households.

  2. Please issue something that’s not just a bump, or iteration. Please differentiate clearly from the competition. It’s about time the “we’ve finally cracked it,” comment proved itself to some extent.

    1. Especially since most of the functionality of the Apple TV is being built into Smart TV’s except for Apple iTunes and Apple media. There shouldn’t be a $199 tollgate for access to Apple TV only. That’s a recipe for failure.

      1. Barely any of the functionality is built into TVs. You only get access to iTunes videos. No apps or games, no Apple Music, no Apple remote. I think what you get for well under $199 for the base 4K storage model is a good value.

        1. Let’s suppose you don’t play games, prefer to use apps on other devices, and do not subscribe to Apple Music. That leaves maybe an Apple TV subscription that requires a $200 box unless Apple makes an app available to receive it on other devices (they better). My new LG OLED seems to have everything I need, including the ability to read digital movie downloads off hard or ssd drive via USB. Whatever Steve Jobs “cracked” is either too late or not all it’s cracked up to be. Oh and the LG remote blows away the Apple remote.

  3. I am not much of a fan of streaming. The dirty secret is well stated by What HiFi: “not all 4K content is born equal, and Apple TV 4K stream is no match for the equivalent UHD disc when it comes to picture quality.” To date, no consumer streaming product has offered the audio and video quality that physical media does. Once again, the streaming industry prioritizes getting your monthly payment while offering a “good enough” product for lazy consumers who are willing to be locked into a one walled garden or another.

    Apple is still playing catchup to Roku on many items. Roku offers a range of choices to suit one’s needs from set-top box, to full on TV, to streaming stick. It still offers better interface, easy setup, user friendly remote, more services, at lower prices across the board. The Ultra, with expandable memory, allows one to store and playback from USB even if you don’t have a stellar internet connection. Roku is up to date on latest video and audio standards, including Dolby Atmos.

    Apple, meanwhile, continues on with its 2017 release, its 5th generation hobby. It offers almost nothing functionally unique except its aging iTunes store, a brand that it apparently wants to kill off in favor of forced streaming. Indeed — the Apple TV 4K can’t store anything, it ALWAYS relies on an internet connection to stream everything. It is limited to 64 GB memory max with no expansion possible. So if you want to buy and store media for later playback, you need a Mac and a very good local network stable enough for Airplay (which still struggles to stream flawlessly after all these years). AppleTV has in many people’s experience the worst remote, attempting to operate with Siri as its preferred user interface. No digital audio port, no Youtube app. For 20-50% greater price, shouldn’t Apple offer something more capable than the competition?

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