Woz loves Apple’s new focus on services, call Apple Watch his ‘favorite piece of tech,’ and stresses the importance of privacy

Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak reacts to Apple’s transition into more of a services company, Cupertino’s focus on user privacy, and his take on the company’s wearable technology.

He speaks with Bloomberg’s Taylor Riggs on “Bloomberg Technology.”

Of Apple Watch, Woz says, “It’s about my favorite piece of technology in the world right now.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch is among our favorite pieces of technology in the world right now, too!


    1. It is possible that i leave my phone behind and not come back to pick it up..
      But never with my Applewatch

      Woz and i are on the same page on the Apple watch .. big time! my favorite Apple product followed by the iPad Pro 12.9 … cant wait for the iPadOS … and the new watch materials.

  1. Woz also called for the breakup of Apple and said it should have happened long ago. Who still reveres this jerk any longer? I know many MDN readers do, but I don’t.

      1. It’s probably disrespectful and ad hominem to call him a jerk, so I maybe ought to use better language to make my point. You’re right to point that out. I apologize and will try to do better.

        But I have never understood why a good number of people continue to revere Woz as some walking almighty simply because he was very forward looking and an excellent engineer at one point in time decades ago at the start of Apple as a business. His opinions in recent years never seem to strike a resonant cord with me and I find that I more often than not that I disagree with his views. Guess I’m just hoping that (on this forum) we will eventually find an end to the echos of hero worship and be more objective about whether he remains relevant still.

        1. IMO… As long as there is Apple and personal computers he is relevant.. without him there would have been no Apple and the course of personal computing would have been very different!
          He is as relevant as, lets say, Bach, DaVinci, Tesla.. u name it.. just because their contributions have been in the past .. does not make them any less significant today.

          I actually find it very disgraceful of Apple not to have a structure named after him at the new campus..
          He does not need to be dead to be honored.
          Without either him or Steve.. there would have been no Apple!

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