Titanium Apple Card shows signs of wear after just one month

Mikey Campbell for AppleInsider:

With its sleek white finish, deep etchings and flush surfaces, Apple’s titanium Apple Card is quite the looker. The card’s durability is now question, however, as early customers report significant signs of wear after just one month.

On Tuesday, the company posted an explainer covering proper methods of cleaning and maintaining the credit card, noting users should gently wipe its surface with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloth. Users with particularly dirty cards can take the additional step of wiping it (gently!) with a cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Needless to say, such steps are not typically provided by card issuers, including those who field titanium versions.

After word of the support document spread, users who were part of Apple Card’s preview program began to share their experiences online.

MacDailyNews Take: Most of the comments we’ve heard from Apple employees who were testing Apple Card for months prior to public release were that card readers, especially slide readers where chip readers weren’t available would sometimes “scrape” the card leaving permanent scars.


    1. Apple Pay offers 2% cash back, cash back that’s paid almost instantly, easy access to virtual numbers, unique account management through the wallet app, and probably some other tangible things I’m not thinking of.

      That said, I don’t know why anyone would need to actually swipe/chip an Apple Card, other than to be a fanboi douche. There are a number of other cards that offer more than 1% cash back. If you’re not using your credit cards for rewards and instead carrying a balance, you can get better interest rates elsewhere as well.

  1. You ever feel like you just walked into a room full of body snatcher replicants? You people realize it’s just a &%&& credit card right? Conventional wisdom even dictates such things should be avoided. You’re acting like it’s a quantum computing Mac or something. What’s a matter? You didn’t get Apple Care with it?

  2. Agree with TheloniouMac!!!
    Sure seems to be a lot of news (not just MDN) devoted to 2″x3″ piece of metal. One would think this is critical part on an vehicle or airplane that affects performace or safety.

  3. What might the Apple blogosphere will say if they discovered that the card is actually just aluminum with titanium metallic paint that wears off quickly? Quite a metaphor for the Ive/Ahrendts/Cook/Cue/Schiller/Hairforce One era.

    Don’t forget to pay your monthly fees. Everything new from Apple comes with monthly fees.

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