Disney ratchets up streaming wars with ‘Star Wars,’ other programming announcements

Amber Neely for AppleInsider:

At the D23 Expo, Disney has shed more light on what consumers will see when the company’s streaming service launches on November 12 with far more content than Apple has planned for Apple TV+.

Disney’s updated list includes a mix of both new and rehashed content, including a CGI remake of the 1955 classic “Lady and the Tramp” as well as a brand new, live-action Star Wars television series, a prequel to “Star Wars: Rogue One,” dubbed “The Mandalorian.”

Disney+ will launch in the fall and likely be available to all streaming platforms, including apps for iOS, AppleTV, and iPadOS but minus native support for any Amazon Fire product. The service will cost $6.99 a month, or $69.99 a year if purchased annually.

MacDailyNews Take: Like most subscribers of over-the-top services, we’ll very likely be signing up not only for Apple TV+, but also for Disney+. we’ll get out monthly total up over that cable bill we left, so help us Jobs!


  1. I hate when reporters don’t get the story right. Rogue One prequel and The Mandalorian are two separate series. Rogue One’s prequel is not dubbed “The Mandalorian.”

    Either way, very excited and will be watching via my AppleTV!

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