Apple Card applications process opened up to more users ahead of official launch

Apple has upped the number of iPhone users who can apply for Apple Card ahead of its official launch.

Malcolm Owen AppleInsider:

On Monday Apple started sending out invitations to a preview program for Apple Card, allowing a select number of customers to sign up and use the credit card before a public launch in the United States later this month. At the time, it was advised interested parties could sign up for notifications for when the card would be available for application in the future.

According to tips from AppleInsider readers, it appears that the application process is not limited to just those included in the preview program. Eight readers said that they were able to apply for the Apple Card from their devices on Wednesday and Thursday morning, without getting the invitation in advance.

In both instances, the readers followed Apple’s guide to signing up involving accessing the Wallet app, pressing the Plus button to add a card, and saw the option for Apple Card. After verifying their identity and providing other details relating to the application process, they were then approved, with one claiming it took “about 10 seconds” to go through.

MacDailyNews Take: Anybody else get lucky and get their Apple Card this way?


  1. I applied and received my Apple Card in my Wallet Wednesday night. I had requested interest but did not receive an email response from Apple.

    The Apple Card will not work with my 1st generation Apple Watch. I will need to update.

  2. i didn’t receive the invite, but when i checked wallet the option for apple card was there. whole application was smooth. most information was auto populated. getting titanium card next week.

  3. Got an invite. Applied. Took about 15 seconds to get approved. Don’t know if I’ll ever use this card, because the rewards are appalling compared to Chase. If only Apple had money so that they could boost their rewards.

  4. Look at me! I just received an AppleCard because I’m special… A new way to trigger your frenemies.

    Seriously… Apple just got downgraded by a new analyst because Apple’s iPhone business is dead and Services (before all have been fully launched) is a dead-end for Apple. So, Apple can take it’s AppleCard and… well, you get the picture. Apple is constantly doing things that aren’t quite appreciated by Wall Street and I find that rather annoying.

  5. I got an invite and seconds later had the Apple Card. I was the first to use Apple Card at my go-to liquor store! Everyone at the store was waiting on the chance to get the card. they all had to see it. I was a God for a few seconds. It felt pretty good.

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