Apple’s Q319 earnings set fire to reams of fake news

Daniel Eran Dilger for AppleInsider:

Prominent papers including The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have erected “piles of bad news” that have sought to portray Apple as wholly dependent on iPhone unit shipments, irreparably battered in China, unable to innovate in new product categories and incompletely mismanaged while bleeding away talent.

However, these stories commonly advanced by Tripp Mickle of The Wall Street Journal and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg were just as poorly researched and cobbled together as their previously incorrect reports that insisted Apple would be unable to find buyers for iPhone X in 2017 and iPhone XS in 2018 — phony ideas that were both supposedly grounded on real data from “the supply chain.”

Both continue to front purely asinine reports that suggest Apple has no idea what it is doing, even as the iPhone maker remains the only very profitable handset maker globally—while also uniquely advancing mass market sales of wearables and delivering major new growth in Services, even as it also sustains growth in both Macs and iPads in a market where most PCs and tablets are not performing well.

MacDailyNews Take: When choosing news sources, keep the following quote in mind:

Stop hanging out with people that tell you what you want to hear. Hang out with people who tell you the truth. — Eric Thomas


  1. “Stop hanging out with people that tell you what you want to hear. Hang out with people who tell you the truth.”

    Folks need to stop watching Fox News, right?

    1. Actually, I’ve watched them all. And over the last 3 – 5 years I don’t watch any of them, save for a few minutes at a time, because I can’t stand any of them…

      When Obama was President, he was going to run for a 3rd term and become a Dictator! And Fox would constantly remind everyone he played more golf than any previous US President.

      Now? Now it’s Trump that will become a Dictator (MSNBC or CNN), and Fox doesn’t report that Trump plays more golf than even Obama did (Fox reporting is accurate, just typically one sided and omits). They do not say Trump does not golf very much, they just don’t talk about it at all.

      These networks are all dumb, sensationalist nonsense. I’m a policy guy, so I don’t care about Obama or Trump golf, or tweets or, or, or. I care about policy and what is passed, because THAT is what can effect my life. Hating on this President or the last one isn’t healthy for my life and is an absolute waste of time. The climate just breeds hate in people and it – is – not – good.

      – HOWEVER –

      To be clear, everyone should should break down two distinct things here: News hours on these networks and opinion/political gossip time.

      As for news, Shepherd Smith (Fox News) is horrible IMHO. He gives a news story, then throws in his own little personal snark to its end…

      CNN has Andersen Cooper and Chris Cuomo who are called “News Anchors”.. Wait. What?…

      These guys have opinion shows. News Anchors are to be, uh, news anchors, not opinion folks. Cooper/Cuomo are akin to Rachael Maddow or Sean Hannity. So kudos to MSNBC and FoxNews for separating the opinion folks from news people.

      If you watch your favorite flavor of cool-aid, go for it, but know you are NOT watching “News…”

      But hey, maybe since CNN’s laying off people faster than rats are multiplying in Baltimore, they can’t afford to pay people to change the chyron graphics… oh boy, I just threw some gasoline on the fire for them Orange Cheeto haters. Ha!

      SUGGESTION: Don’t watch this nonsense. Be with your family more. Go on hikes or a walk. Get to the gym people!!! Man people are soooo fat! And lastly, try reading! With reading, you can detect spin and angle soooo much faster and easier than watching something on TV. And go read more than a headline. Read a leftist article, read a conservative article and then…

      … then, make up your own mind. I know, crazy talk.

      Because Trump is in office, there are a lot of hit pieces on him, obviously. So I’ll leave you with how bad it is out there with the latest so you can know, yah, this is all soooo stupid:

      Trump: “Trump Falsely Suggests That He Was A 9/11 First Responder” You can find this anywhere yesterday…

      Trump: Even in the videos showing Trump talking about 911, in the very video linked to this talk track Trump literally says “I do NOT consider myself a first responder.” He said it 2x!

      This is how bad it is people.

      And no, I did NOT vote for Trump. I also did not vote for Clinton (the body count was just way too high). Check that one out. LOL! People’s hair on fire yet again!…

    2. MSNBC is the network that for two years told its audience Donald Trump would be indicted for colluding with Russians. MSNBC and CNN and the idiots that watch this constant parade of lies and delusions are what intelligent people gave up watching years ago. Same with the New York Times and Washington Post.

    1. Is this all you think about? The article is about Apple, not your politics. Try being on point. There’s an old saying you may find familiar, “Some people will assume you are stupid. Then you open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  2. Nothing much changes over the years for Apple or Apple shareholders when it comes to fantasy stories. I’m not sure if these stories help or hurt Apple’s value but these stories shouldn’t run unchecked by Apple management. I suppose Apple has no control over news articles but there are other ways Apple could help itself.

    Apple has plenty of reserve cash to get into some growth markets just as other tech companies have done. Apple honestly does seem rather lax when it comes to any major acquisitions. Wall Street sees billion-dollar acquisitions as rather boring even if they are useful in other ways. Amazon is always doing acquisitions in that range. The last acquisition Microsoft did was for $26B and that was after taking a bath from Nokia’s ruined acquisition. Now look at Microsoft’s value compared to Apple’s value. I’m only saying that Apple has as many opportunities as those other tech companies to boost revenue and profits and keep Wall Street happy. I realize that’s not the way Apple works, but big investors don’t quite see why Apple doesn’t try other means of obtaining value. Apple leaves itself open to criticism through lack of aggressiveness. Almost everyone agrees how Apple is lacking in growth potential when it should be relatively easy for Apple to get into growth markets. Sure Apple is profitable, but recently its growth pretty much sucks.

    So, a lot of news is fake for Apple but the company makes itself such an easy target especially when compared with its FANG peers.

  3. Looks like Fox News is the only one more consistently correct. Look at the huge plight in Dem led cities. Look at the multi millionaires and billionaires flying private jets and boating in million dollar yachts to climate control conference and wanting to spend middle classes money; why don’t they donate their own money, and fly commercial. Look at the poor and social minded who support those billionaires lifestyle who enjoy it by being the Dem Politicians buddies.

    Look at the leftist politicians who don’t want to change tax codes (they do have the power) but slam companies like Apple and rich republicans in news stories. Shucks, leftist dem Voters love to hear their politicians slamming the rich and wealthy without realizing that is what they (the Politicians) want you to hear and believe. Even AOC is enjoying the money that she is getting. She is not turning it down. She is popular and she wants your support. She wants to live in that IVORY tower you are building for her while you vote for her – and you live hand to mouth. NO dem politician is turning it down, but they don’t want their constituents to realize it. You will NEVER have the health insurance that the Dem Politicians get when they get in office and get to keep when they are out. But they won’t tell YOU that. They have you duped! The benefits they get while in congress and get to keep when they get out – very very few would believe. But they want you to think of how poor you are and how they are going to help you.

    Look how much money Dem cities get and yet the poverty plight gets worse. And they still promise more and more and more and get less and less done with increased budgets. Guess who gets paid 6 and 7 figured salaries in cities and towns! Dems that you keep voting for. They want your vote so they can get high salaries.

    I live in a heavy generational poverty area that is INcreasing in generational poverty. 20 years ago, republican local politicians were receiving less than 1/2 the county salaries that have been common since becoming Dem. Gen Poverty people complaining and voting in Dems who get richer, have new two story houses with swimming pools. Dems and socialist politicians have degrees in telling you why to vote for them and what they’re going to do for you (but don’t), and blame the republicans for not getting it done while they themselves draw huge salaries. I don’t see them refusing these high salaries. My next door neighbor is an independent mayor; lives in a modest house 60 years old, 1400 sq feet, gets a small salary and refuses to increase it – while dem mayors in neighboring communities get 3 to 4 times the salary. But the Dems are “FOR THE PEOPLE”!

    What did that guy say who authored the Obama Care package that was passed? “American people are dumb!” He was talking more about dems that vote “big government minded” and also the leftist news outlets that reported “how right it was”!

    1. Is this all you think about? The article is about Apple, not your politics. Try being on point. There’s an old saying you may find familiar, “Some people will assume you are stupid. Then you open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

    2. Neither party has a great track record. Stop drinking the partisan kool aide.

      According to the Brookings Institute, the most prosperous US cities are dominated by tech industries and these overwhelmingly lean liberal. The link shows many measures and the data is clear. Flyover country, the poverty stricken inland west, and the rural south all lag badly compared to dynamic coastal tech centers. #1 in many rankings is San Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara metro. The biggest problem that these liberal cities have is that they are flooded with people looking for work and bums who want free handouts. Never a problem in old decayed rural Walmart towns.

      Read the data, not the deranged Faux narrative. Hannity the Hypocrite, one of the biggest Faux News manure spreaders, constantly pits evil “elites” against the working class, but he lives in luxury in New York, where among his side businesses includes being a slum lord like Trump, specializing in snapping up foreclosed properties. Gotta love someone who makes political hay about bad housing in Baltimore (a city issue bizzarely conflated into a national issue) while Hannity, like the Trump syndicate, owns a real estate portfolio full of substandard housing. Hannity used illegal means to get properties on the cheap at foreclosure auctions: What would you expect from a guy who like Trump uses Class Act attorney Michael Cohen to do his dirty work? That’s true news you will never hear on Faux.

      NEITHER PARTY IS FOR THE PEOPLE. They are all interested in enriching themselves alone. Partisan politics are just a show for idiot voters, but it is ripping the nation apart. And let’s not pretend that incompetent Dumbocrats are the ones doing all the mud slinging. Trumpanzees, never able to articulate any facts, are quick to label anyone who disagrees with them – including ultraconservatives like Amash — all matter of extremist labels while offering no solutions. Both sides are covering up the massive corruption and lack service that both corrupt parties now provide to their constituents. I am sick of them playing mud slinging games while not doing a single thing to institute reforms, this administration being the worst offender of all. Don’t fall for the partisanship. Vote out the partisans and bring in some moderate reformers who can work across the aisle.

  4. Sheer insanity:

    Whatever happened to the cries about Apple violating the “law of large numbers?” It seems as though trillion-dollar companies have become perfectly acceptable and I haven’t heard much talk about breaking that “law” lately. $270 a share would put Apple’s value around $2.2B or 2.3B depending upon how many outsanding shares Apple can dump. That’s some crazy stuff, especially if Apple maintains some P/E of 18 or so. Although those numbers seem crazy, I’d certainly like to see them happen, if that’s not too much to ask.

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