For All Mankind writer talks Apple TV+, watch the new clip

Christina Radish for Collider:

“How much freedom did you guys have with your storytelling, when it came to working with Apple TV+? Were there any like limitations?

“MOORE: It was pretty loose. The nature of the show was such that I didn’t need to push a lot of creative boundaries. It’s not a show that’s about graphic content, or violence or sex. I didn’t have any of that, as part of what we were doing. It just wasn’t an issue for me, in general. It felt like a very loose, creative environment. I was pretty much able to tell the story, in the way that I wanted to tell it. I never ran into barriers. That’s all I really know about it.

‘Are you looking to do further seasons, after these 10 episodes?

‘MOORE: We are definitely talking about a second season, at this point. We’re starting to get together stories and possible scripts. Apple hasn’t picked us up officially, but we’re definitely in talks already, moving ahead with planning, in case they do.

For All Mankind will be available to stream later this year at Apple TV+.’

MacDailyNews Take: This series is beginning to look interesting…


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