Apple’s strategy for India: Focus on high-end consumers

Writankar Mukherjee for the Economic Times:

As part of its new strategy to focus on driving value in India instead of chasing volumes, Apple has stopped selling the iPhone SE, 6, 6Plus and 6sPlus, three senior industry executives said. This will increase the entry level price of an iPhone in India by almost Rs 8,000.

Apple used to assemble the iPhone SE in India along with the 6s and 7. The idle capacity may now be used to expand production of other models, one executive said.

The company will localise its upcoming iPhone operating system iOS 13 for the first time for Indian consumers…

“…the priority has changed from just selling a box to improving overall-sales experience, brand positioning and financials…” a supply chain executive said.

Much more in the full article.

MacDailyNews Take: When industry wisdom says ‘price low’, Apple often prices high – and still builds a good business. But will this work in India? Or is this to set the scene for a new mid-range device?


  1. Apple has never targeted the lower income individuals. Why would they start now? Just like in America where Apple makes 85%+ of the smart phone profits while having substantially less market share would be the same in India. Why change a working formula?

    I think the “issue” currently is that the middle class and upper class in India compared to the rest of the population is really small but that is quickly changing.

    I think this will be similar to China a few years ago where having an iPhone will be a status symbol, showing how wealthy you are. Good or bad, people like to use products to show off their status and wealth and Apple is known as a premium brand.

  2. Steve Jobs loved India. I took LSD there with him. It was so great to be his friend. Warren Buffet was telling me what a great guy he was the other day. Even Trump was telling me about Steve last week.

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        1. I have a life. It doesn’t involve imaginary friendships with top tech people or boasting about it on the Internet. It’s you that doesn’t have a life – clearly!

        2. I offer you some proof of where I was during those days. You can see one of the business cards. Me in a TV show at 18 minutes and I ran the robot TOPO in the background. And me listed as Secretary of the group I started.

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