HomeKit is ready for prime time as home automation market heads to growth

Jonny Evans for AppleMust:

“Apple’s HomeKit system demands manufacturers sign up to a code and use Apple silicon (in some cases).

“These demands are designed to ensure a high standard of security to these devices, (and make money for Apple, I suppose).

“Now it looks as if Apple’s hard work creating a smart home platform that can’t easily be hacked is about to pay off: the U.S. smart lighting market to grow 1,200% by 2024.”

MacDailyNews Take: Will Apple’s smart home offerings see a boost as people recognise the privacy threat of poorly-protected platforms…


  1. Apple had their chance, they could have owned the market, but like Siri, Tim Cook and others lacked the vision to resource the development correctly. Now others have passed them by when it comes to Siri and home automation. More opportunities lost.

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