The Apple Watch just keeps saving lives…

Jim Gudas for WBBM:

“Phillip Esho said he was riding a jet ski from the 31st Street Harbor to McCormick Place to take pictures of the Chicago skyline, when a big wave flipped over his jet ski and knocked him and his phone into the water.

“He said his Apple Watch has an emergency call feature which allowed him to reach 9-1-1 but he wasn’t sure if the call worked because he couldn’t understand what the dispatcher was saying and at one point the call was disconnected.

“He was able to reconnect with 9-1-1 but by then he says a helicopter and Chicago police and fire boats had already arrived to rescue him.”


James Gant for Mail Online:

“Jorge Cox, 22, had five hours of open heart surgery in May 2019, at the private Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, Manchester, after alerting medics to worrying heart rate readings from his Apple Watch.

“Mr Cox, who studies performing arts, first realised something was wrong when the device recorded heart rate readings of over 130bpm while he was resting in September 2018.

“He assumed the readings were to do with his caffeine intake and forgot all about it. But after mentioning it to a nurse – who was checking him over before an unrelated throat procedure – at the Royal Oldham Hospital in November 2018, doctors ran tests and diagnosed him with Aortic Regurgitation, also known as a leaky heart valve.”

MacDailyNews Take: If you care about someone you might want them to have an Apple Watch.


  1. My life was saved by my Apple Watch also. A few months ago I was driving to work on I5 in Oregon. I felt a bad pain in my stomach. Then it got even worse? I decided I had better turn around and go home or the hospital? I turned around at a truck stop and decided to go into a fast food place to see if going to the bathroom would help. It didn’t. I ended up collapsing on the handicap bathroom floor. I felt like I was totally loosing it, and would die there. I called for help, but no one evidently heard me. I had left my phone in my vehicle, but I had my Apple Watch on. I pressed the 911 button and then passed out. A short while later an ambulance picked me up and rushed me to the hospital. I came around about 2 days later in the ICU, where I remained for 2 weeks. I remember nothing during that time. My wife was also notified by my watch and she arrived at hospital while I was in surgery. My intestines had perforated in several places having getting hooked up on old scar tissue. Several feet of intestine were removed and others patched. With all this I certainly wouldn’t have made it with my Apple Watch summoning help. I wasn’t expected to live, but I’m alive and well.

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