France plans 3% digital tax on big tech firms

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

Several days ago, the United States announced that it would investigate France’s proposed “digital tax” to determine whether it unfairly targets U.S. companies. Despite that threat, however, the French government has approved the tax and is moving forward with it.

The French senate has approved [a digital tax], despite the looming threat from the United States investigation. The tax targets any digital company, including Apple, with revenue of more than $750 million, of which at least $28 million is generated in France.

Around 30 different companies, including Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon are likely to be impacted by the tax, which requires they pay a 3 percent tax on sales made in the country.

MacDailyNews Take: Consumers will likely pay the difference…


  1. French citizens actualy revel and appreciate the returns they get from collected taxes while US citizens submit, like Midieval serfs, to the monetary fallacy variously called PayGo, Austerity, and Offsets.

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