Om Malik’s requiem for the MacBook

Om Malik for OM:

As someone with minimalist tendencies, it is not a surprise that I fell in love with the idea of a super-skinny and minimal laptop that could slide into a manila envelope. I was on a hospital bed when Apple introduced the clearly underpowered and feature-challenged notebook in 2008. It was called MacBook Air then, though eventually, it became just a MacBook. The initial response to the laptop was harsh – I mean, everyone hated it.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Except me.

I couldn’t wait to get better, get to the Apple store and buy one of these thin, feather-light machines. I didn’t care that it wheezed like an overweight smoker running on a treadmill, or that it got so hot, you could easily keep a cup of tea warm on it.

…What made the MacBook Air then (and now) was its constraints.

MacDailyNews Take: Last time we looked the MacBook Air still existed – but we think there’s something quite charming about Malik’s requiem for Apple’s ultra-portable. (Though we have a feeling this may turn out as a short chapter heading for a new kind of ARM adventure…)


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