Chinese state media targets Apple’s App Store

Cam MacMurchy for 9to5Mac:

“The exact complaint is over some long reviews that users sometimes discover are unrelated to the app they are considering. CNR called it a “download scam”, according to Abacus, a news platform belonging to the South China Morning Post:

“The report argues that the App Store has “serious problems” with fake reviews and apps designed to scam people and claims Apple doesn’t seem to know what to do about it.

The report cites two examples of iOS users buying apps that showed up at the top of search results and had many five-star reviews. However, they were found to be virtually unusable.

“The way they mislead users, isn’t Apple going to do something about it?” the article asks, adding that regulators need to pay attention.”

MacDailyNews Take: With so much manufacturing in China, Apple is caught between a rock and a hard place in the intensifying trade war. Millions of jobs in both the U.S. and China depend on a constructive outcome.


  1. Typical scumbag Chinese commie bastards. Make no mistake, China is the enemy. Ignoring that will rue the consequences one day, and the China lovers will wonder what the hell happened.

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