Learn iOS 13’s new location privacy features

Scott Stein for CNet:

Apple is practicing what it preaches by adding new privacy features to iOS 13 and iPadOS.

The new features give you far more control over how often apps can access your location, ways to stop apps from scanning nearby Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks to guess your location, a new sign-in method for third-party apps and expanded HomeKit security features.

…Some apps never request access to your location, but that doesn’t stop them from using known nearby Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices to get a good idea of where you’re at. With iOS 13, you’ll now receive a prompt that requests access to your iPhone or iPad’s Bluetooth functionality the first time you open an app.

Much more in the full story (recommended).

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s continued focus on privacy is like iTunes was when it first appeared on Windows (before it became bloatware): “A glass of cold water in the desert.” Every iOS user should know and use all of these protections.


  1. Most people are in a hurry when installing new software. They need to have it remind them why an app is accessing Bluetooth or WiFi when not needed, a day or two later. Then most users may give it serious thought and say hell no.

  2. So I spent the summer traveling around Europe. I got around by using public transportation. Every time I’d get off a bus or train f–king Google would ask me if the bus/train/tram was crowded or not. I needed their services to navigate strange cities more than I was worried about my privacy, but man was that creepy.

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