Waterproof AirPods 3 to launch late 2019 — analyst

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

[Wedbush] says that based on checks with supply chain partners, global iPhone demand appears to be on a ‘slight uptick’. Following the rumor mill consensus, Wedbush says they expect three new models this fall, featuring a triple-camera system and ultra-wide lens for the XS and XS Max successors with the new iPhone XR being upgraded to a dual-camera module.

Looking further out, the analysts predict Apple will launch another revision to the AirPods line later this year. ‘AirPods 3’ would reportedly sport design enhancements and offer waterproofing features.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone rumor season has begun and we’re already reaching a point at which every rumor generates and equal and opposite counter-rumor. Are iPhone sales strong, or soft?


  1. I will buy the AirPods3 the day they are launched – especially if there is ANY color other than white. I live in fear during every cardio workout that this will be the day the sweat finally does mine in…

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