iOS 13 shows Apple still sweats the detail, or something

Jonny Evans for Apple Must:

Apple tends to focus attention on the major features when it announces a new OS – and there’s plenty of them to go round – Dark mode, new iPad gestures, iPadOS multitasking, the new Find My app, new privacy tools, Photos improvements and so many other features they barely all fitted on the company’s WWDC slide shows.

Now that public and developer beta testing has begun, we’re beginning to hear about all the tiny features that just didn’t get any attention at the developer event – and this is where it gets really interesting. This year it looks like Apple really is listening to what people need.

List includes:

  • iPhone2iPhone
  • CarPlay tweaks
  • Profile sharing in Messages
  • FaceTime Attention Correction
  • Active window mode in Split View
  • Emergency contacts indicators

MacDailyNews Take: Evans is correct that small iOS enhancements always emerge over summer in the build-up to the fall iPhone upgrade, but does Apple really still sweat the detail?


  1. This has nothing to do with Mac or Apple, but only with the Soylent ad on MDN webpage. I remember the movie “Soylent Green” and am incredibly astonished that a company would have a product named “Soylent.” 2¢

    1. That’s because stupid isn’t limited to people, but to people running companies. Soylent is great example of stupid people running a stupid company, which is astonishingly stupid.

  2. I agree with Jon Gruber’s take that for the first time in years all of Apple’s platforms seem to be moving forward at the same time, with all receiving more management attention…

    ….iPadOS, Catalyst and the Sidecar function in iPadOS and Catalina have gotten me interested in buying an iPad for the first time… …and it’s really nice to see a lot of work went into building the most bad ass Mac imaginable the last two years…. …so I’m considering more ecosystem buy-in on a number of fronts…

    Not that things are perfect. Talkin’ ’bout you, MB KBs, and could Apple not keep raising the prices on phones every year? Etc.

    But feels like a more cohesive product and organizational vision to this blograt….

    1. PS: re “most bad ass imaginable” – yeah, I know, no nVidia cards so no CUDA (is that the name?), etc. I understand there are some (minor?) technical issues there, though I don’t understand them. And much feels more like pique and pride or…..??

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