Apple wins smart fabric patents – ‘Wearable iPhones’?

Wearable Apple patent
An image from the latest Apple patent

Christian de Looper for Digital Trends:

The patent itself is related to a textile-based touch surface — so don’t expect to see a high-tech Apple jacket any time soon.

In the patent, Apple describes multiple sets of conductive threads, which are woven together in different directions.

The patent also says the device could then be incorporated into clothing like a jacket or shirt, and used in conjunction with other electronic devices like an Apple Watch or an iPhone. The fabric could even be used in furniture or car seat, as well as with Apple TV and CarPlay.

In recent weeks, Apple has been awarded several other interesting patents, including one for an iPhone without a Lightning port, larger MacBook Pro battery, noise-cancelling over-ear headphones, a predictive virtual reality system and interesting Apple Watch patents, including one for a watchband-mounted camera.

MacDailyNews Take: Sure, we know a patent does not a product make, but how long will it be until we see Apple introduce smart clothing and wearOS?


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